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VPV-25 / VPV-32 Displacement (cu. in . /rev.) VPV-25 1.66 VPV-32 2.04 Flow at 1750 RPM (gpm) VPV-25 11.36 VPV-32 15.15 Maximum Continuous Pressure 2000 Direction of rotation* Right hand (clockwise) Mounting SAE "B" 2-Bolt Port Size Inlet #24 SAE Outlet #16 SAE Case Drain #8 SAE Seals Viton Shaft Diameter 0.875" Shaft Key 0.25" square Max. Inlet Vacuum (at sea level) 6 in. HG Fluid Recommendations** Request form 9-535-233-456 *Viewed from shaft end. Left hand rotation not available **Contact JHF regarding use with water base fire resistant fluids. Standard Style Pump (Can be used as rear pump as shown, or mounted directly to motor for single pump application) Combo Adapter Kit (See Below) Combo Style Pump (Can be used as front or rear pump. Always use as front pump if additional pumps are to be used) 4.00 5.75 Front Rear Pump* Pump Part No. Price VPV25 or 32 VPV16 9-511-230-525 $663.71 VPV25 or 32 VPV25 or 32 9-511-230-523 $897.00 VPV25 or 32 SAE "F" Gear Pump R978711780 $565.33 VPV25 or 32 SAE "G" Gear Pump R978711792 $727.58 Pump Shaft VPV-25 or 32 Style Part No. Price Standard R978711809 $1,193.76 Combo R978711825 $1,245.58 Repair Kits Combo Pump Adapter Kits Pump Shaft Volume VPV-25 VPV-32 (Inch Dim.) Compensator Style Control Part No. Price Part No. Price A B C Two Stage Standard Yes 0-513-400-212 $1,815.48 0-513-500-220 $1,932.74 7.05 12.62 2.36 Two Stage Combo Yes 0-513-400-248 $2,300.92 0-513-500-254 $2,424.74 7.85 12.62 2.36 Part No. Price R978711866 $471.80 Solenoid Two-Pressure Control* *This is a slip-in module that inserts between the sections of a standard TWO-STAGE compensator. (Includes bolt kit) HYDRAULIC PRESSURE COMPENSATED VANE PUMPS Rexroth hydraulics (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 916 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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