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SERIES 32 AXIAL PISTON PUMP Increased Reliability Emphasis on flexibility: With the universal through drive Rexroth has really simplified the use of combination options in their A10 VSO series 32 pump range. Through this the stock-keeping of various pumps is shifted to a more flexible adaptation by means of the universal through drive. The result: faster, more flexible adaptations at lower costs and savings in stock-keeping. Special Emphasis On Reduced Noise Development The A10 VSO series 32 clearly deserves the description "whisper quite" . The ribbed, reinforced housing with a 4-hole flange alone reduces the noise level with 3 dB(A). The optional pre-compression volume cuts the pressure pulsations in half, thereby reducing the fluid borne noise, especially in case of an increased distance between pump unit and machine. The optimized force flow in the modal analyzed housing reduces the excitation forces thereby reducing the body borne noise. Better Economy Through Improved Efficiency The A10 VSO series 32 offers more performance: The rotary group and the suction channel are so much improved, that the mechanicalhydraulic efficiency - in comparison with the previous series - is 3 % higher. This results in lower energy costs for the user, and at the same time an increase in economic performance. The Universal Through Drive Provides Even More Flexibility The optimized suction channel improves the suction capabilities and offers a better resistance to cavitation; especially under bad suction conditions through unfavorable fluid viscosity as well as long or narrow suction lines. The safety device against cylinder lift-off improves the resistance to sudden loss of suction pressure. Through the reinforced retainer device and the axially locked shaft seal the pump can tolerate higher case pressure spikes. The result: less wear, a longer pump life, and therefore a lower overall cost figure over the total pump life. Part No. Order No. Price Displacement Control Device Through Drive Mounting AA10VSO71DRG/32R-VSD72U00E R902512942 $3,021.00 4.33 cu. in./rev Pressure Comp. Spline ANSI B92.1a AA10VSO71DRG/32R-VKD72U99E R902465284 $3,012.00 4.33 cu. in./rev Pressure Comp. No through drive AA10VSO100DRG/32R-VKD72U99 R902465289 $3,537.48 6.1 cu. in./rev Pressure Comp. No through drive AA10VSO100DR/32R-VKD72U99E R902465287 $4,314.00 6.1 cu. in./rev Remote Pressure Comp. No through drive AA10VSO140DRG/32-VKD72U99E R902465293 $6,079.00 8.54 cu. in./rev Remote Pressure Comp. No through drive AA10VSO140DRG/32R-VSD72U99E R902476520 $6,080.00 8.54 cu. in./rev Remote Pressure Comp. No through drive Rexroth hydraulics (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 910 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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