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The PRINCE valve models RD-100 and RD-1900 are pressure compensated adjustable flow control valves. By rotating the handle the flow out of the "CF" or controlled flow port can be varied within the range given in the charts. Any remaining flow is bypassed to the "EF" or excess flow port. This flow can be used to power another circuit or can be returned to tank. Once the controlled flow is set it will remain nearly constant with variations in pressure on either the controlled or excess flow ports. Please note, if during operation the controlled flow port is blocked the valve will compensate in such a way as to shut off flow to the excess port. These valves can also be used as a restrictive flow control by plugging the excess flow port. The PRINCE valve models RDRS-100 and RDRS-1900 have a built in adjustable pressure relief. For these models the excess flow port must be connected to tank. It should be noted that whenever these or any valve is used to bypass or restrict flow heat will be generated. Steps may be required to keep oil temperature from becoming to high. The PRINCE model RD-200 valve is a pressure compensated proportional flow divider. The standard models of this valve will take one inlet flow and split it into two nearly equal outlet flows. Because the valve is pressure compensated the valve will maintain the divider ratio with quite different loads on the outlet ports as long as the inlet flow is within the specified range. Flow through the RD-200 cannot be reversed. Pressure Compensated Proportional Flow Divider Divider Part No. Port NPTF Flow Range Ratio Price RD-250-16 1/2" 8-16 GPM 50 : 50 $80.01 As illustrated in the bypass flow circuit the RD-100 adjustable flow control valves can be used to control the speed of a hydraulic motor. In this circuit oil from a source is directed into the inlet of the valve. By moving the handle the flow can be varied from zero when handle is vertical to maximum when the handle is horizontal. Oil not going to the controlled flow port is bypassed to the excess flow port where it can be used to supply another circuit or returned to tank. Instead of the control flow directly supplying a motor it can be used as a adjustable priority divider and provide adjustable priority flow to a directional control valve bank. Also as illustrated the RD-100 can be used as a restrictive type flow control. In this circuit the excess flow port is blocked. This would normally be used with a pressure compensated pump or in a closed center system. BYPASS FLOW CIRCUIT RESTRICTIVE FLOW CIRCUIT ASA SYMBOL Top Port Adjustable Flow Control Controlled Part No. Port NPTF Flow Range Price RD-150-8 1/2" 0-8 GPM $88.91 RD-150-16 1/2" 0-16 GPM $88.91 RD-175-16 3/4" 0-16 GPM $90.74 RD-175-30 3/4" 0-30 GPM $90.74 Controlled Part No. Port NPTF Flow Range Price RDRS-137-8 3/8" 0-8 GPM $99.65 RDRS-150-16 1/2" 0-16 GPM $99.65 RDRS-112-30 #12 SAE 0-30 GPM $99.65 RDRS-175-30 3/4" 0-30 GPM $101.54 *Excess port flow must be connected to tank. Flow Control with 1500 PSI Built-In Relief Valve HYDRAULIC FLOW CONTROL & FLOW DIVIDERS RD-100 & RD-1900 RDRS-100 & RDRS-1900 P R I N C E Prince hydraulics JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 903 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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