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O R I G A Air Connection Options for OSP Series Rodless Cylinder RODLESS PNEUMATIC CYLINDER - OSP SERIES Dimension Table (in.) Cylinder Series C D (Port Size) E OSP-P16 1.2 M5 .70 OSP-P25 1.6 G1/8 1.1 OSP-P32 2.0 G1/8 1.4 OSP-P40 2.7 G1/8 2.1 OSP-P50 3.4 G1/4 2.8 OSP-P63 4.2 G3/8 3.1 OSP-P80 5.2 G1/2 3.8 Air Connection on The End Face, Series OSP-P16 to P80 In some situations it is necessary or desirable to fit a special end cap with the air connection on the end-face instead of the standard end cap with the air connection on the side. The special end cap can also be rotated 4 x 90 to locate the cushion adjustment screw as desired. Both Air Connections At One End A special end cap with both air connections on one side is available for situations where shortage of space, simplicity of installation or the nature of the process make it desirable. Air supply to the other end is via inter- nal air passages (OSP-P25 to P80) or via a hollow aluminum profile fitted externally (OSP-P16). In this case the end caps cannot be rotated. Please note: When combining the OSP-P16 single end porting with inversion mountings, RS switches can only be mounted directly opposite to the external air supply profile. Series OSP-P32 to 80 * Versions of Air Connection Positions : 1 1 or 2 2 Series OSP-P25 E C Series OSP-P16 Air Connection 36 mm E C parker origa JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 875 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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