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GUIDE BLOCKS FOR ISO/VDMA CYLINDERS QA/8000/51/* QA/8000/61/* 32 ... 100mm Conforms to ISO 6431, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49 003 1 Ensures protection against external rotary and bending forces Guide rods run through bearings protected by wiper rings Provides accurate guidance for unsupported loads Technical data Operating temperature: +32F to +176F (0C to +80C) maximum Materials Guide block, nut & mounting plate: anodised aluminum Plain bearings: Sintered bronze (/51/*), Steel roller bearing (/61/*) Rods: Stainless steel Wiper rings: nitrile rubber QA/8000/61/* QA/8000/51/* Standard models QA/8000/61/* (roller bearing) * Insert stroke length in mm. Locking cartridges should be ordered separately. Active - pressure applied to lock, passive - pressure released to lock. 2 required per guide block. Note: For all applications please consult our Technical Service # When using guide blocks (QA/8000/61) for profile cylinders PDA/182000 you have to order a model with a barrel which is turned at 90 so that the port threads are in line with the two switch grooves. Piston Passive locking Locking Suitable for cylinders rod Model cartridge force (N) Magnetic # Non-magnetic # 32 12 QA/8032/61/* QA/8032/63 600 RA/8032/M, PDA/182032/MIL # RA/8032, PDA/182032/IIL # 40 16 QA/8040/61/* QA/8040/63 1000 RA/8040/M, PDA/182040/MIL # RA/8040, PDA/182040/IIL # 50 20 QA/8050/61/* QA/8050/63 1500 RA/8050/M, PDA/182050/MIL # RA/8050, PDA/182050/IIL # 63 20 QA/8063/61/* QA/8050/63 1500 RA/8063/M, PDA/182063/MIL # RA/8063, PDA/182063/IIL # 80 25 QA/8080/61/* QA/8080/63 3000 RA/8080/M, PDA/182080/MIL # RA/8080, PDA/182080/IIL # 100 25 QA/8100/61/* QA/8080/63 3000 RA/8100/M, PDA/182100/MIL # RA/8100, PDA/182100/IIL # * Insert stroke length in mm. Piston Suitable for cylinders rod Model Magnetic Non-magnetic 32 12 QA/8032/51/* RA/8032/M, PDA/182032/M RA/8032, PDA/182032 40 16 QA/8040/51/* RA/8040/M, PDA/182040/M RA/8040, PDA/182040 50 20 QA/8050/51/* RA/8050/M, PDA/182050/M RA/8050, PDA/182050 63 20 QA/8063/51/* RA/8063/M, PDA/182063/M RA/8063, PDA/182063 80 25 QA/8080/51/* RA/8080/M, PDA/182080/M RA/8080, PDA/182080 100 25 QA/8100/51/* RA/8100/M, PDA/182100/M RA/8100, PDA/182100 Standard models QA/8000/51/* (plain bearing) We have the number one service department in the midwest, hydraulic or pneumatic! N O R G R E N norgren pneumatics JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 839 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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