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Conforms to ISO 6431, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49-003-1 Profile barrel with concealed tie rods High performance, stability and reliability Polyurethane seals ensure efficient low friction operation and long life Switches can be mounted flush with the profile barrel Comprehensive range of standard mountings Technical data Medium: Compressed air, filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated Operation: PDA/182000: Adjustable cushioning PDA/182000/M: Magnetic piston, adjustable cushioning Operating pressure: 15 to 232 psig (1 to 16 bar) Operating temperature: -4F to +176F (-20C to +80C ) max. High temperature versions: 302F (150C) max. Consult JHF for use below +35F (+2C) Strokes: Non-standard strokes available (10 to 3000 mm) Materials: Profile barrel: anodised aluminium End covers: pressure diecast aluminium Piston rod: stainless steel (Martensitic) Piston rod seals: polyurethane Piston seals: polyurethane 'O'-rings: nitrile rubber PDA/182000, PDA/182000/M Double acting (Also available single acting) Piston Port Magnetic Non-magnetic Service kit rod size Standard Non-rotating Standard Non-rotating Standard Non-rotating 32 12 G1/8 PDA/182032/M/* PDA/182032/N2/* PDA/182032/* PDA/182032/N1/* QA/8032/00 QA/8032/N1/00 40 16 G1/4 PDA/182040/M/* PDA/182040/N2/* PDA/182040/* PDA/182040/N1/* QA/8040/00 QA/8040/N1/00 50 20 G1/4 PDA/182050/M/* PDA/182050/N2/* PDA/182050/* PDA/182050/N1/* QA/8050/00 QA/8050/N1/00 63 20 G3/8 PDA/182063/M/* PDA/182063/N2/* PDA/182063/* PDA/182063/N1/* QA/8063/00 QA/8063/N1/00 80 25 G3/8 PDA/182080/M/* PDA/182080/N2/* PDA/182080/* PDA/182080/N1/* QA/8080/00 QA/8080/N1/00 100 25 G1/2 PDA/182100/M/* PDA/182100/N2/* PDA/182100/* PDA/182100/N1/* QA/8100/00 QA/8100/N1/00 125 32 G1/2 PDA/182125/M/* - PDA/182125/* - QA/8125/00 - *Insert stroke length in mm. Standard models Part No. Plug-in cable Groove cover Reed M/50/LSU/*V M/50/LSU/CP M/P73001/5 (5 m) M/K72725 Solid state M/50/EAP/*V M/50/EAP/CP M/P73001/5 (5 m) With integral With plug-in cable Switches *Insert cable length - 2, 5 or 10 m. ISO/VDMA PROFILE CYLINDERS * P * A/182 *** / ** / **** Options selector Cylinder diameters (mm) Substitute 032, 040, 050, 063, 080, 100, 125 Strokes (mm) 3000 max. Special variants Substitute Heat resistant seals, 150C max. T Hydraulic H Piston rod material Substitute Chrome plated stainless steel D Note: Disregard option positions not used. For combinations of cylinder variants consult our Technical Service. Variants (non-magnetic piston) Substitute Standard None Special wiper/seal W1 Low friction X1 Piston rod bellow G Without cushioning W Without cushioning, low friction X3 Double ended piston rod J Double ended piston rod, special wiper/seal W3 Four-position IT Non-rotating piston rod N1 Locking unit L2 Barrel turned at 90 for use with guide blocks QA/8000/61/* IIL Extended piston rod IU Extended piston rod, special wiper/seal W5 P*A/182***/IU/****/*** /W5/ Extension (mm) Variants (magnetic piston) Substitute Standard M Special wiper/seal W2 Low friction X2 Piston rod bellow MG Without cushioning MW Without cushioning, low friction X4 Double ended piston rod JM Double ended piston rod & special wiper/seal W4 Four-position MT Non-rotating piston rod N2 Locking unit L4 Barrel turned at 90 MIL for use with guide blocks Extended piston rod MU Extended piston rod & W6 special wiper/seal P*A/182***/MU/****/*** /W6/ Extension (mm) Norgren pneumatics (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 838 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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