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Doing Business with the John Henry Foster Company Rental and Leasing Plans We can arrange for a rental or leasing plan on large compressed air equipment. Please call for details. Minimum Billing We have none. Price Increases Unfortunately, this is beyond our control and prices are subject to change without notice. Sales Tax We are required by law to charge all applicable local and state taxes on items for which a sales tax exemption certificate has not been provided. Under state law, a copy of your tax exemption certificate must be on file in our office. When placing your orders, please advise our inside salesperson when items are tax exempt. Confirming Orders In an effort to reduce the cost of doing business for both of our companies, it is not necessary to send confirming orders for routine items or for small dollar amounts which have been previously ordered by phone or fax. We suggest you only confirm special orders, large dollar value orders, orders for air compressors, and hydraulic systems. Claims Shipments should be verified immediately upon arrival at your facility. Errors, if any, should be reported to us at once. If cartons and packages exhibit external damage, be certain to note this on the carriers receipt and contact carrier for claim instructions. Satisfaction Guaranteed A satisfied customer is our most valued asset. If you are not completely satisfied with our purchase, please contact us for a Return Goods Authorization number. Return Goods Authorization (RGA) If you find it necessary to return any item previously purchased from us, please contact inside sales during normal business hours. They will issue you an RGA number. This number should be referenced on all correspondence related to this return and marked on the outside of the package. Important information required to expedite this process includes: part number, quantity, original purchase order number and reason for return. Restocking Policy There is no restocking charge for new and unused items returned to our local inventory. For items we do not stock and which must be returned to the factory, we charge only the restocking amount charged to us by that factory. Cancellation of an Order If you find it necessary to cancel an order, please call our inside sales staff. For items which are on order from the factory, a cancellation charge may be assessed by the factory for expenses incurred. Cancellation of these items cannot be made without first communicating your needs. We must then obtain permission from the applicable factory. Training We offer training at our location or your facility for basic, intermediate, and advanced hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. In addition, we offer training on air compressor maintenance. These train ing programs can be customized to meet your individual needs. Please call Rich Lemp, our Training Director at 314-427-0600. Warranty The John Henry Foster Company extends to the purchaser only those warranties given by the manufacturers of the products in this catalog. Copies of the individual manufacturers warranty will be supplied upon request. No other warranties are extended or granted to the purchaser. John Henry Foster Company shall have no liability for consequential damages. Responsibility is limited to repair, replacement or issuing credit for products which we and the factory determine to have become defective during the warranty period. Specifications We have compiled the data for this catalog from specifications shown in manufacturers' catalogs, and have reprinted this data for the convenience of our customers. The John Henry Foster Company disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, for the accuracy and reliability of the information herein. Service Department We have the #1 service department in the Midwest. When you have a problem, we have twelve certified and factory trained technicians. Service technicians are familiar with your equipment when they arrive at your facility. Fully stocked service vans are dispatched from technicians' homes 24 hours per day. Prompt arrival with the right parts keeps your costly down time to a minimum. Our fully equipped and spacious shop is available for more extensive repairs. (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 8 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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