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N O R G R E N Series A, EA, J & EJ, NFPA Steel Air Cylinders (1-1/2" to 12"), Standard & Special Options Option Code Description A(_) Stroke Adjustment Single Piston (specify adjustment length) AA(_) Stroke Adjustment Double Piston (specify adjustment length) AN Acorn Tie Rod Nuts (Stainless Steel) AP Air/Oil Piston (Piston supplied with O-ring loaded U-cup on cap end only for air/oil operation) BL Removable Piston Rod Stud (installed with removable adhesive sealant) EN Electroless Nickel Plated Cylinder EV(_ _) Pneulectric Stroke Signal Valve(s): EV(Head Cap) (specify position) FG Black Fiberglass Cylinder Tube H Piston Rod Seals O-ring loaded U-cups (J and EJ only) HR Case Hardened Piston Rod L(_ _) Non-Standard Port Location position 1 standard: L(Head Cap) (specify position 1 thru 4 for head and/or cap) LF Low Friction Cylinder (Nitrile compounded with Teflon rod and piston seals) (not available with Ecology Series) MS Metal Rod Scraper N(_ _) Cushion Adjust Screw Location position 2 standard: N(Head Cap) (specify position 1 thru 4 for head and/or cap) NW No Wearstrip in Cylinder P(_) Non-Standard Port Sizes - (specify port size for P(_H) head only, P(_C) cap only, or P(_) both head & cap) PP Seals in Cylinder O-ring loaded U-cups (rod and piston seals) (J and EJ only) PN Pinned Piston and Rod Assembly PS Magnetic Piston Modification (no wearstrip) RS Studded Male Piston Rod End RT Removable Trunnion Pins (J and EJ only) RX(_) Piston Rod Extension Over Standard (specify additional "C" length) S 303/304 Stainless Steel Tie Rods & Nuts SB Stainless Steel Rod Bushing Nut SC Single Acting Spring Extend Cap End of Cylinder SL Steel Cylinder Tubing SR Single Acting Spring Retract Rod End of Cylinder SS 303 Stainless Steel Piston Rod ST(_C) Stop Tube on Cap End (C) of Cylinder: ST (stop tube length C) ST(_R) Stop Tube on Rod End (R) of Cylinder: ST (stop tube length R) SV(_ _) Stroke Signal Valve(s): SV (Head Cap) T(_) Non-Standard Piston Rod Thread (specify thread) TF(_) Piston Rod Thread Depth Over Standard (Female) (specify additional "A" length) TX(_) Piston Rod Thread Extension Over Standard (Male) (specify additional "A" length) V Viton Seals in Cylinder XI(_) Type #10 Trunnion Set Dimension (MT4 Model Only) (customer must specify length) Standard available for 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" bores, 12" max stroke. (Stroke length doubles - 24" max); 12 lbs. force preload, 30 lbs. force compressed. Cushions not available on spring end. For other spring forces, bore sizes or longer strokes, consult John Henry Foster Co. Option Code Description AS Airsaver Stroke Adjustment BB Cylinders Mounted Back to Back BP British Standard Pipe Cylinder Ports (Parallel) (BSPP) BT British Standard Pipe Cylinder Ports (Tapered) (BSPT) CT Close Tolerance on Cylinder Stroke EX Ecology Piston Seal on Rod End of Cylinder LA Low Friction Cylinder (Pak-Lap style seals) NI Nituff Coated Cylinder NS No Silicone Used in Cylinder Assembly NT Nicotef Coated Cylinder OE Zero Stroke/Pneulectric Stroke Signal Valve(s) OV Zero Stroke/Stroke Signal Valve(s) PB Piston Seal O-ring loaded deep U-cup shape RB Rod Boot over Piston Rod SA SAE Cylinder Ports (Straight Thread) SM Stroke Signal Valve (Mounting Only) TE Nituff Coated Cylinder Tubing TK Thrust Key Plate Mounting VM Valve Mounting Only XE Ecology Piston Seal on Cap End of Cylinder Consult John Henry Foster Co. for These Options: NFPA AIR CYLINDERS norgren pneumatics JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 787 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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