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Tube Channels The larger style tube channel mount is designed to hold 3/8" and 1/2" size tubing firmly in place. These mounts have screw attachment holes at each end. Each black colored channel measures approximately 4-1/2" long, 11/16" wide and 13/16" high. The smaller universal style 10 channel model can be mounted with its pressure sensitive adhesive backing or by using a #4 screw in the countersunk hole found in each individual channel. The chan- nel is designed to be cut to length to accommodate any number of tubes ranging from 1 to 10. Each black colored channel measures approximately 4" long, 5/8" wide and 3/8" high. Tube Markers PVC tube markers eliminate confusing fluid power connections by providing easy to read identification. Permanent, hot stamped black characters on white background are not affected by grease, oil, or lubricating fluids. Markers snap on without tools before or after tube terminations made. Can be removed without disconnecting tubing. Non-adhesive interior of marker will not pinch, kink, or mar tubing. Tube Cutter Makes clean, square cuts in Nylon tubing that are necessary for leak free connections. Small size (3" long, 1" wide, 1" high) makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Spring actuation keeps it closed when not in use. TUBING ACCESSORIES Spiral Flex Wrap Natural color Polyethylene spi- ral flex wrap twists easily over bundles of various sized tubing or insulated electric wire. Nominal 1/2" O.D. accommo- dates bundles from 3/8" to 4" in diameter. Can be wrapped for greater flexibility or butted for rigidity. Tubing or wire can be led out at any point. Provided in 50 ft. coils. Part No. Price Description 94-960-001 $70.75 Spiral flex wrap soft coil Release Tool Used to disconnect tubing from all Norgren fittings. Helps in situations where fitting is difficult to reach. Part No. Price 54-0001-00 $27.45 Part No. Price Description T-191 $12.68 Tube Cutter M/32009 $47.40 Replacement Blades (5-pack) Tubing H Clips An easy and inexpen- sive way to route and secure dual tubing or hose runs. Easily attached via the coun- tersunk center screw hole. Tubing H Clips neatly and safely mount tubing runs for a professional look. Manufactured from black Polyacetal plastic with a useful tempera- ture range of -40 to +212F. TUBING PART SIZE O.D. NO. PRICE .156"-.200" HTC-156-200 $0.69 .201"-.325" HTC-201-325 $0.85 .326"-.400" HTC-326-400 $0.87 .401"-.485" HTC-401-485 $0.88 .486-.575" HTC-486-575 $1.02 .576"-.675" HTC-576-675 $1.46 .676"-.825" HTC-676-825 $1.71 .826"-1.00" HTC-826-1000 $2.35 TUBING NUMBER OF SIZE O.D. CHANNELS PART NO. PRICE 3/8 7 PTC6-7 $5.04 1/2 6 PTC8-6 $7.07 5/32 1-10 TC5-10 $2.15 3/16 1-10 TC3-10 $2.06 1/4 1-10 TC4-10 $2.10 N O R G R E N norgren pneumatics JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 765 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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