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90 1. Ensure that the tube end is cut square and is free of burrs. 2. Push the tube through the collet into the fitting. 3. Continue pushing the tube (firmly) through the O-ring until it bot- toms on the tube stop, then pull back 4. To disconnect, push the tube into the fitting until it bottoms on the tube stop. Then while holding down the collet, with- draw the tube. Method of Assembly Pneufit Push-In Tube Fittings Norgren Pneufit inch and metric push-in tube fittings provide a simple means of connecting compressed air products to system piping. Pneufit fittings are designed for use with flexible thermoplastic tubing and are available in a wide range of configurations to fit nearly every application. Series 12 - 1/8" to 1/2" tube sizes, 10-32 UNF to 1/2" NPT Series 10 - 4mm to 14mm tube sizes, M5 to 1/2" ISO G and ISO R Thread Features & Benefits Reduced assembly time by eliminating the time consuming insertion of ferrules and wrenching of compression nuts. No tool required for insertion or removal of tubing from fittings. All straight male connectors have an internal hex for the use of an Allen Wrench to allow the fitting to be mounted in any position. This also permits close porting not possible with a standard open end or socket wrench. Pre-applied thread sealant, Precoat 5, a non-PTFE based thread sealant, is applied to all tapered male threads. Nickel plated brass bodies and collets give a uniform stainless steel like appearance, does not tarnish like brass and provides a degree of corrosion resistance. Size identification: all collets are marked with O.D. tube size in fractional inch, millimeters, or both. All O-rings used in Pneufit fittings are silicone free, a mandatory requirement of the automotive and product finishing industry. Specifications Fluid: Compressed air, nitrogen, inert and non-combustible gases compatible with materials of construction. Working Pressure: 29.5" HG vacuum to 260 psig. Working Temperature: 0 to 175F standard silicone free O-rings Materials Fitting body & collet: Nickel plated brass O-ring: Silicone free Nitrile Recommended Tubing: Nylon 11 or 12, Low density polyethylene Polyurethane - 95 durometer or above Thread Sealant: Precote 5 thread sealant is factory applied to tapered male threads D.O.T. Vehicle Push-In Fittings Inch and Metric style push-in fittings are available D.O.T. FMVSS 106 Mandatory requirements for inch tube fittings in U.S.A. Society of Automotive Engineers {SAE} J1131 [inch tube and fittings] and meet DIN 74324 and German TUV requirements. Consult JHF for complete product availability, dimensions and pricing. PNEU-FIT PUSH-IN TUBE FITTINGS Nickel plated brass body and collet Precote 5 Non-PTFE based thread sealant Internal hex Silicone-free o-ring Maximized internal bore O.D. tube size identified on collet Cartridge (insert) Fittings Inch, Metric and D.O.T. style push-in fittings are available as cartridges, and are provided as a three piece "kit", consisting of brass body, O-ring and a nickel plated brass collet. This design allows Original Equipment Manufacturers to directly integrate a push-in connection into their product design. They can be fitted into products made from ferrous or non-ferrous metals and most industrial plastics. The D.O.T. cartridges meet the require- ments of FMVSS106 and SAE J1131 and include fixed tube supports. Consult JHF for complete product availability, dimensions and pricing. Norgren pneumatics (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 752 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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