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NUGGET 200 DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES Long lasting Spool Design High flow compact valves Wide range of operators and voltages available Port and operator identification Shock absorbent bumpers Internal or external pilot supply, field convertible Available solenoid, air pilot and manually operated Fluids: Filtered lubricated or non-lubricated compressed air Pressure Range: Internal pilot supply; 15 to 150 psig External pilot supply; 10" Hg (vacuum) to 150 psig Air or manual operation; 10" Hg (vacuum) to 150 psig Temperature Range: Solenoid valves; -20 F to 120 F Air and manual; -20 F to 160 F Average Flow Factor: Inline valve; 1.6 Cv Materials: Body-Aluminum, Spool-Anodized Aluminum Seals-Nitrile, Solenoid base-PPS plastic, Solenoid plunger and spring-Stainless steel Minimum Pilot: Single Solenoid-35 psig Double Solenoid, detent-25 psig Double Solenoid, spring center-45 psig Voltages: Standard: 120VAC 7 watts (optional 3.5 watts avail.) Optional: 12VAC 7 watts 24VAC 7 watts (optional 3.5 watts avail.) 48VAC 7 watts 240VAC 7 watts 12VDC 6 watts (optional 2 watts avail.) 24VDC 6 watts (optional 2 watts avail.) Duty: Continuous at 90 to 105% of rated voltage Coil Type: Class H. Molded with 3-pin plug-in connector Enclosure Classification: NEMA 4 per DIN 40050-IP65 Override: Manual, non-locking Solenoid Electrical Connectors* *Includes connector and gasket Part No. Description Price 54934-01 Cable Grip w/o Indicator Light $3.20 54934-08 Cable Grip w/Indicator Light 24V AC/DC $14.75 54934-02 Cable Grip w/Indicator Light 110V AC/DC $14.00 54934-21 Plug Connector w/5 ft. cable $17.05 54934-05 Conduit Connector $7.05 Replacement Coils Part No. Description Price 54452-01 120V/60hz-110/50hz $14.55 54452-07 240V/60hz-220/50hz $18.15 54452-05 24V-50/60hz $18.15 54452-02 12VDC $18.15 54452-03 24VDC $14.55 Repair Kits & Parts Part No. Description Price 54344-16 Air Operator Repair Kit (Except KA6 & KA7) $19.60 54344-17 Solenoid Operator Repair Kit $12.95 54237-59 Spool Assembly for 3-Way Valve $18.65 54237-56 Spool Assembly for 4-Way (2 & 3 position, all ports blocked in center position) $14.90 54237-57 Spool Assembly for 4-Way (3 position, inlet open to cyl. ports in center position) $53.90 54237-58 Spool Assembly for 4-Way (3-position, exhaust open to cyl. ports in center position) $37.50 N O R G R E N norgren pneumatics JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 729 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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