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SPECIALTY VALVES Stroke Sensors and Air to Electric Switches Model Mtg. Pilot Pressure Number Price Thread Tubing Range Length Width Height SCS-112 $52.29 1 /8" NPT 5 /32" OD 60 to 120 PSI 2 3 /16" 29 /32" 1" SCS-250 $56.73 1 /4" NPT 5 /32" OD 60 to 120 PSI 2 3 /16" 29 /32" 1" SCS-375 $59.55 3 /8" NPT 5 /32" OD 60 to 120 PSI 2 3 /4" 1 17 /64" 1 1 /16" SCS-500 $64.17 1 /2" NPT 5 /32" OD 60 to 120 PSI 2 3 /4" 1 17 /64" 1 1 /16" Model Number Price Description MPE-B $19.11 Actuator Head Only (8 PSI Min, 120 PSI Max) MPE-BZ $64.91 Actuator Head and Switch, 15 Amp (Spot 15 Amp) MPE-BZE $124.47 Actuator Head, Switch and Enclosure, 15 Amp (Spot 15 Amp) In this sample circuit, sensor #1 provides an air signal when the cylinder rod is retracted. When the four-way control valve shifts, air flows to the cylinder , which extends. This causes sensor #1 to shut off. The cylinder rod stops when it reaches the work piece or end of stroke, causing sensor #2 to emit an air signal. This air signal may be used to actuate another valve or for sequencing operations. When using a flow control valve in conjunction with a stroke completion sen- sor, place the flow control valve between the control valve and the sensor. Specifications & Dimensions Pneumatic Stroke Completion Sensors Stroke Completion Sensors (SCS) mount directly on cylinder ports to provide an air signal when rod motion stops...even when the full stroke length is not used. Stroke completion sensors automatically adjust to variable strokes, replacing limit and reed switches in clamping, holding and sequencing tasks. Sensors work by comparing supply pressure to exhaust pressure. Once the pressure drops on the exhaust side of the cylinder, the sensor will emit an air signal. Stroke completion sensors are not recommended for cylinder "inching" operations with pressure held valves. Air to Electric Switches Air to electric switches convert air signals into electrical signals...ideal for actuating solenoid power valves or other electric components. Switches may be wired normally closed or normally open. Actuator head model MPE-B may be easily mounted on any plunger-type switch; operating range is 8 PSI (minimum) to 100 PSI (maximum) and is not adjustable to a specific pressure. Switch models MPE-BZ and MPE-BZE are single pole double throw (SPDT), have a 15 amp capacity for normal, low resistance electrical circuits and are UL and CSA listed. Solder terminals accept up to #14 wire. SCS-112 MPE-BZ MPE-BZE Specifications MPE-B (Actuator Head) Temperature Range 5 to 140 F Mead M E A D JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 673 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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