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POSITION SENSORS Output Measuring Range Resolution Features Diagnostics Model GH & GP Rod or profile style housings Voltage: Ranges between -10 and +10 Vdc Current: Ranges between 0 and 20 mA Digital Pulse: Start / Stop or PWM Voltage and Current: 50 to 2540 mm (2 to 100 in.) Digital Pulse: 50 to 5080 mm (2 to 200 in.) Rod style up to 7620 mm (300 in.) Voltage and Current: Infinite (restricted by output ripple) Digital Pulse: 5 m, dependent on controller Position Measurement Simultaneous Multi- Position Measurements: for Start / Stop (controller dependent) Change measurement stroke length and output using handheld programmers and PC programming kits Sensor LEDs indicate status and diagnostics R-SERIES SMART SENSOR MODELS FOR FAST, HIGH PRECISION AND SYNCHRONIZED POSITION CONTROL APPLICATIONS Optimum performance for industrial applications - this is what the Temposonics R-Series position sensors offer. As a high end product, this sensor series is the racehorse of MTS. Powerful electronics and unrivalled immunity against interference are a warranty of the transducer's high-accuracy measurement results. G-SERIES BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY AND UPGRADED PERFORMANCE FOR LEGACY SENSOR RETROFITS Reliability is the feature which makes the G-Series smart sensors for industrial position measurement so convincing. G-Series transducers are available with analogue or digital start/stop output and can be programmed very easily. Output Measuring Range Resolution Features Diagnostics Model RH Rod style housing for use in hydraulic/ pneumatic cylinders Voltage: 0 to 10 Vdc, 10 to 0 Vdc, -10 to +10 Vdc, +10 to -10 Vdc Additional utput ranges available between -10 and +10 Vdc Current: 4 to 20 mA, 20 to 4 mA Additional output ranges available between 0 and 20 mA SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface): Gray or binary format, data length selectable, synchronous/asynchronous measurement, optional parity and error bit. Fieldbus: CANbus, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, EtherCAT , EtherNet/IP 25 to 7,620 mm (1 to 300 in.) Voltage and Current: 16 Bit, 0.0015% Digital: SSI; 0.5 m (0.00002 in.) Profibus, EtherCAT , EtherNet/IP; 1 m (0.00004 in.) CANbus, DeviceNet; 2 m (0.00008 in.) Position + Velocity Measurement (see data sheets) Simultaneous Multi- Position Measurements: Voltage or Current; 2 positions Profibus, CANbus, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP; up to 20 positions SSI: 2 magnet differential Sensor LEDs indicate sensor status, field bus activity and diagnostics. Model RP Aluminum extrusion profile housing easily mounts on machine surface 25 to 5,080 mm (1 to 200 in.) Model RF Flexible rod housing for mounting along an arc or for limited installation space 250 to 10,060 mm (10 to 396 in.) Contact factory for longer lengths. Model RD4 FRod style housing with detached electronics and mounting block. Ideal for use in clevis mounted cylinders 25 to 5,080 mm (1 to 200 in.) MTS Sensors (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 660 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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