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LUBRICANTS Ultra Coolant Two years/8,000 hours useful life , saving you money on cost and disposal Low carryover , up to 75% lower than mineral oils and PAOs, which means less fluid for makeup and less contamination Superior compressor performance , leading to lower cost from excellent cooling and better efficiency Lower maintenance costs , because other lubricants require changing up to eight times more often as Ultra Coolant Non-Varnishing - Ultra Coolant provides varnish free operation and dissolves varnish left by other lubricants Biodegradability - Ultra Coolant's biodegradability can eliminate the need for an oil-water separator and reduce the hassle of condensate disposal, subject to local or national approval Ultra Coolant is not an oil. Ultra Coolant is an engineered synthetic coolant specifically designed to help rotary screw compressors maintain peak performance at a full range of operating temperatures. Compelling benefits include cost savings and biodegradability. Ultra Coolant has been certified by for approval in several OEM compressors. To find out if your machine qualifies, contact your local John Henry Foster Co. representative. Taking Food-Grade Lubricants to the Next Level Concern over food safety has never been higher and industry regulations have never been more stringent. Ultra FG utilizes new chemical technology to exceed industry requirements for incidental food contact and to provide you with extended lubricant life and better protection for your compressor. Enhanced Performance and Safety The synthetic alkylated naphthalene base fluid used in Ultra FG provides better inherent temperature stability, detergent action and stabilizers that keep the lubricant from breaking down. Additionally, the proprietary blend does not form abrasive deposits such as those formed by mineral oils and conventional polyalphaolefins (PAOs). These characteristics prevent acid formation and ingested material deposits from accumulating in critical areas of the compressor, extending service life and enhancing performance. All Season Select lubricant is a synthetic, all-temperature blend that is designed to increase efficiency, reduce wear and prevent carbon buildup. It performs four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants. Recommended 2,000 hours of service between lubricant change-out under normal operating conditions. More Lubricants are available - ask your John Henry Foster Co. representative which one is right for you. *** You can benefit from the advantages of Ultra Coolant in your compressor. Ask your John Henry Foster Co. representative how you can get the oil flushed in your compressor - FREE *** Container Size CCN 5 Litre (1.32 gallons) 92692284 20 Litre pail 38459582 (5.28 gallons) 55-gallon drum 39433743 Container Size CCN Price 0.5 liter 97338131 $8.00 1 liter (1.06 qt.) 38436721 $21.00 5 liter (1.32 gal.) 38440236 $107.00 Ingersoll Rand (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 646 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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