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AIR COMPRESSORS What is the true cost of compressed air? 15% fixed cost: compressor, installation, depreciation. 20% operating cost: maintenance and repair. 65% power: electric motor [energy and demand]. Estimated Cost of Compressed Air Typical Compressor = 4 CFM per HP. 1 HP = 0.746/.9 motor efficiency = .829KW 1CFM = 0.207KW At $0.07/KWHR = 0.01449/HR 35 CFM Application @ 8000 HR/YR 35 x 8000 x .01449 = $4,057/YR $4,057/35CFM = $115.91 per CFM per Year How much heat will the compressor generate? To determine heat load and required ventilation for air-cooled reciprocating air compressors, multiply horsepower x 2545 BTU/HR. Example: #15TE15, 15HP x 2545 BTU/HR = 38,175 BTU/HR. What are the electrical requirements? NEMA-1 Protection against contact [indoor only] NEMA-12 Dust and drip tight [indoor only] NEMA-4 Water and dust tight [indoor and outdoor] NEMA-7 Contains internal explosion without external hazard. Division 1, hazardous materials normally present. Division 2, hazardous materials only pres ent under abnormal conditions. Always have a qualified electrician confirm incoming electrical service and application requirements. What is the hidden cost of bad air quality? Bad air = Repair Cost + Replacement Cost + Lost Production Problems caused by water in compressed air: Washing away of required lubrication, increased maintenance, sluggish pneumatic equipment, rust, instrumentation clogs, paint spotting, airline freeze-up, and shortened tool life. Water in compressed air Hot air holds more water! Every 20F increase in temperature doubles the amount of moisture suspended in air. Every 20F decrease in temperature reduces the amount of moisture suspended in air by half! Use an aftercooler and dryer to eliminate this hazard. Air entering a 10HP compressor at 75F and 75% relative humidity would produce 6.3 gallons of water per day. An air cooled aftercooler with separator would remove 4.3 gallons per day; and a refrigerated air dryer would remove an additional 1.7 gallons. Only .3 gallons would be left within the 50,400 cubic feet of compressed air. [35 cfm x 60 min/hr x 24 hours = 50,400 cubic feet] Oil in compressed air The average 10 HP reciprocating air compressor application, with an oil carryover of 6 parts per million [ppm], equates to 2 gallons of oil passing downstream on an annual basis. This oil has been exposed to the heat of compression; oxidation causes oil to attain high tack level; the combination of oil, water and dirt creates a corrosive sludge; use of a coalescing filter eliminates this hazard. Brake HP* x .746 x Operating Hrs x Cost / Kilowatt Hr. Motor Efficiency *50HP Compressor / 6,000 Hrs. / Yr. Ingersoll Rand (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 616 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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