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The 250 Series of electric air valves are of double diaphragm poppet design. These "no stick" valves require no lubrication, they are ideal for use with instrument air and other media which prohibit lubrication. These valves have no sliding seals subject to cuts or metal seals subject to scratches, so they are ideal for use with contaminating media and are unaffected by compressor varnish. They are designed for rugged duty and rapid cycling and can be mounted in any position. Specifications: Pipe Size 1/4" NPT Media Compressed air or inert gases Pressure Range 30 to 125 psig Filtration Not required Lubrication None required Temperature Range 0F to 125F Operating Range To 600 cycles per minute Cv 250E1, E2 .63 250-4E1, E2 .58 SCFM @ 125 psig 250E1, E2 Series 75 250-4E1, E2 Series 70 AMPS: 24 VDC 250E1, E2, 4E1 0.296 250-4E2 0.712 120VAC 250E1, 4E1, 4E2 0.161 250E2 0.236 HS-4 DIN plug for use with code 39 connector,250 series LL 72" long leads VAI Fluoro-elastomer seals Code 39 DIN connector, 250 series Code 61 Cover seal BIN Bottom inlet, normally closed only, 250E1/E2 only BRB Brass body, 250E1/E2 only Options 4-Way, 2-Position Double Solenoid, Detent 3-Way, Normally Closed, 2-Position, Single Solenoid, Spring Return 3-Way, Normally Closed, 2-Position, Double Solenoid, Detent 4-Way, 2-Position Single Solenoid, Spring Return 3-Way, Normally Open, 2-Position, Single Solenoid, Spring Return 250 Series Electrical Symbol Description Connection Part No. Price 1/2" Conduit 250E1-3-10-21-36-120-50-60 $115.22 1/2" Conduit 250E1-3-10-21-36-24VDC $115.22 Grommet 250E1-3-10-21-35-120-50-60 $115.22 Grommet 250E1-3-10-21-35-24VDC $115.22 1/2" Conduit 250E2-3-21-120-50-60 $157.56 1/2" Conduit 250E2-3-21-24VDC $157.56 1/2" Conduit 250E1-3-11-21-36-120-50-60 $115.22 1/2" Conduit 250E1-3-11-21-36-24VDC $115.22 Grommet 250E1-3-11-21-35-120-50-60 $115.22 Grommet 250E1-3-11-21-35-24VDC $115.22 1/2" Conduit 250-4E1-21-120-50-60 $213.07 1/2" Conduit 250-4E1-21-24VDC $213.07 1/2" Conduit 250-4E2-21-120-50-60 $255.56 1/2" Conduit 250-4E2-21-24VDC $255.56 Mounting base included with valve. 12VDC, 240-50-60 also available. 18" coil leads standard. 250 SERIES AIR VALVE Humphrey (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 592 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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