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Mini-Myte air valves are a series of direct operating 3-way and 4-way, single solenoid, 2 position, spring return valves that provide quiet operation with no AC hum. A non-detented manual override is standard. The solenoid cover of a Mini-Myte valve is supplied with both a push-in grommet and a snap-in, two piece, 1/2 inch conduit connector for installation flexibility. Mini-Myte 3-way and 4-way valves are identical in size for consistent, uniform appearance. Pipe Size 1/8" NPT Media Compressed air or inert gases Pressure Range 0 to 100 psig Filtration 40 microns Lubrication None required Temperature Range -30F to 130F Operating Range To 600 cycles per minute Cv 31E1 .09 41E1 .03 SCFM @ 100 psig 31E1 6.0 41E1 2.1 Watts: 120VAC 7.0 24VDC 8.2 Amps: 120VAC .084 24VDC .352 Ohms: 120VAC 800 24VDC 68 Dimensions: Valve height 2.42" Valve body diameter 1.13" Specifications: Electrical Part No. Price connection 31E1-120-50-60 $111.09 conduit/grommet 31E1-24-50-60 $111.09 conduit/grommet 31E1-24VDC $101.16 conduit/grommet 31 Series, 1/8", inline valve 3 way, two position, spring return Mounting base #8-5A $2.60 18" leads standard. 72" leads optional Valve can be used normally open, normally closed or as a selector or diverter valve. 12VDC and 240-50-60 available. Electrical Part No. Price connection 41E1-120-50-60 $129.91 conduit/grommet 41E1-24-50-60 $129.91 conduit/grommet 41E1-24VDC $119.98 conduit/grommet 41 Series, 1/8", inline valve 4 way, two position, spring return Mounting base #8-5A $2.60 18" leads standard. 72" leads optional. Two exhaust port metering screws supplied loose. 12VDC and 240-50-60 available. MINI-MYTE AIR VALVES Humphrey (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 590 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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