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PACKAGE PART STANDARD JACKET PRICE WORKING PRESSURE BEND O.D. I.D. SIZE NUMBER COLORS AVAILABLE PER FOOT @75F @150F RADIUS 100' Bag 1J-356-07 01-Black, 05-Red, $0.78 5/32 .093 500' Reel 1B-356-07 07-Blue, $0.76 176 PSI 88 PSI 3/8 1000' Reel 1A-356-07 08-Yellow $0.74 100' Bag 1J-351-07 01-Black, 05-Red $1.01 1/4 .160 250' Reel 1B-351-07 06-Green, 07-Blue $0.97 148 PSI 74 PSI 1/2 1000' Reel 1A-351-07 08-Yellow, 11-White $0.95 100' Bag 1J-352-07 01-Black, 05-Red, $1.59 3/8 .245 147 PSI 74 PSI 7/8 500' Reel 1A-352-07 06-Green, 07-Blue $1.52 50' Bag 1J-366-07 01-Black $2.42 1/2 .320 140 PSI 70 PSI 1-1/8 200' Reel 1A-366-07 07-Blue $2.35 100' Bag 1J-358-07 $1.07 6 mm 4 mm 250' Reel 1B-358-07 01-Black $1.05 145 PSI 73 PSI 1/2 1000' Reel 1A-358-07 $1.02 100' Bag 1J-359-07 01-Black, 07-Blue, $1.24 8 mm 5 mm 155 PSI 78 PSI 5/8 500' Reel 1A-359-07 11-White $1.19 Temperature Range: -40F to +165F Vacuum Rating: To 28" Hg. Diameter Tolerances: 0.005" All Sizes Inner Tube Tube Markings: Freelin-Wade Specs. SPARK-LIN Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing was developed by taking our 95A durometer Polyurethane and jacketing it with a specially formulated flame retardant cover. The jacket protects the tubing from incidental contact with weld spatter. The black cover meets UL 94 VO requirements and offers strong insulating properties, while resisting oils, greases, acids, bases, aqueous solutions, ozone, heat aging and ultraviolet light. The cover is approximately .030 inches thick and does not adhere to the inner tube, allowing the jacket to be easily skived back for fitting connection with conventional compression or push-in fittings. A special jacket trimming tool is available for easy skiving. SPARK-LIN APPLICATIONS: Weld spatter resistant tubing is ideal for water and air lines on automatic or spot welders, machine tools and pneumatic plumbing systems. SPARK-LIN FEATURES: Extremely flexible with excellent bend radius capability. Resistant to kink damage. Broad range of chemical resistance. Self-storing retractable coils, useful in robotic or dynamic applications. The working pressure for SPARK-LIN tubing is calculated using a 3 to 1 safety factor. WELD SPATTER RESISTANT TUBING Freelin-Wade (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 484 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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