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Safety Controlled- Flow OSHA Compliant BLOW GUNS PRESSED SAFETY TIP THREADED SAFETY TIP PRESSED STANDARD TIP THREADED STANDARD TIP LEVER OPERATED HANDY-AIR BLOW GUN Part No. Price BG2L-30STP $14.20 BG2L-30STT $14.20 BG2L-30P $14.20 BG2L-30T $13.70 BUTTON OPERATED HANDY-AIR BLOW GUN Part No. Price BG2-30STP $14.20 BG2-30STT $14.20 BG2-30P $13.70 BG2-30T $13.70 SAFETY TIP-STANDARD TIP Handy-Air models are available with either the EX2 standard ($1.50) or EX2ST ($1.80) safety tip, each of which may be ordered pressed or threaded to the gun. The pressed tip is not removable and prevents tampering. The threaded tip has a 1/8" NPT male thread. The ST safety tip provides a conical shield of air which encircles blown chips or particles directing them away from the operator. INLET PRESSURE 150 PSIG maximum TEMPERATURE 32-180 F FLOW Safety Tip: 19.8CFM @ 100 PSIG Standard Tip: 9.3 CFM@100 PSIG BODY Diecast Zinc SEAL Buna-N INLET 1/4" FPT ST SAFETY TIP Non-Regulated Blow Guns Standards model blow guns are available for those installations not requiring reduced pressure. These two diecast models are not OSHA compliant. Part No. Price BG2 (Button Operated) Call JHF BG2L (Lever Operated) Call JHF Blowgun Accessories Part No. Price EX12 12" Extension $4.20 Permanent extension. Employs same tip as gun. Dynamic and static pressures same as gun installed on. Part No. Price EX10DH 10" Extension $10.50 Removable extension, push on, twist off. Durable tubing with female tapered fitting. Fits snugly on standard safety tip. Part No. Price EX2RT Rubber Tip $4.70 Protects delicate parts from damage Blowguns with rubber tip will not comply with OSHA requirements. Installs on all threaded blowguns with 1/8" NPT PRESSED SAFETY TIP THREADED SAFETY TIP PISTOL GRIP BLOW GUN Part No. Price PG2P $17.90 PG2T $17.90 Safety Controlled- Flow OSHA Compliant INLET PRESSURE 150 PSIG TEMPERATURE 32-12F FLOW 19.8 CFM @ 100 PSIG BODY Nylon 6 SEAL Buna-N INLET 1/4" FPT FEATURES OSHA Compliant Pistol grip design is more comfortable to operate Trigger/Valve design allows for variable output. Safety tip standard Trigger serves as a convenient hanging hook. Color, safety yellow. F O S T E R Foster Manufacturing Company JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 469 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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