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AIRPICKER & AIRGRIPPER Media Air or nitrogen is an effective media to inflate Firestone end effectors. Temperature The minimum and maximum recommended working temperatures for the following rubber materials are: Neoprene 0F to 165F (-18C to 74C) Silicone -22F to 320F (-30C to 160C) The temperature of the work piece is crucial to the life of a picker. For temperatures exceeding 165F (74C), silicone elastomer is recommended. Silicone can perform at elevated temperatures, -22F to 320F (-30C to 160C), but has poor abrasion resistance. However, neoprene will become brittle at elevated temperatures, making it inoperable. Unrestricted Inflation Repeated unrestricted inflation will prematurely damage a Firestone end effector. The cycle life of an unrestricted Firestone end-effector can be as low as 1000 cycles. Because of the decreased durablility of an unrestricted bladder, the maximum recommended pressure for Preconditioning All of the fabric reinforced rubber bladders have small cotton threads, called pick cords, used to hold the nylon fabric cords together during production. Before end-effectors are able to reach recommended working diameters, these pick cords Standard Neoprene Construction P006 - P009 with standard radial fabric reinforced neoprene 55PSI P010 - P025 with standard radial fabric reinforced neoprene 70PSI P035 - P055 with standard bias fabric reinforced neoprene 70PSI G020 - G050 with standard all neoprene (no fabric reinforcement) 20PSI High Temperature Silicone Construction P014 - P035 with radial fabric reinforced silicone 25PSI G020 - G050 with all silicone (no fabric reinforcement) 15PSI Maximum Recommended Working Pressure unrestricted inflation drops to half of the maximum recommended pressure for restricted inflation. If the application requires unrestricted inflation, a protective rubber sleeve or a casing surrounding the bladder is recommended (see Illustration). The sleeve or casing will reduce the amount of strain on the rubber bladder. must be broken through preconditioning. In order to break these pick cords, end-effectors must be inflated unrestricted at the maximum recommended working pressure for 30 cycles. NOTE: Excessive unrestricted inflation will harm the rubber. F I R E S T O N E Firestone JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 443 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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