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FILLING & BLEEDING All ENERTROLS units are shipped prefilled from the factory. SALD models are self-contained and ready for use with no piping or other components required. ALD and ALDS models must have an external accumulator, or air/oil tank installed before operation of the unit. Fill the air/oil tank (AOT) with the proper oil to the full mark, being careful not to overfill. Then, cycle the equipment at slow speed while adjusting. ADJUSTMENT ENERTROLS shocks are shipped with adjustment preset at 90-degrees, which is midway between "hard" and "soft" settings. To adjust, use a hex key to unlock the adjustor. Impact the shock slowly with the load. If initial impact is too abrupt ("hard"), use a screwdriver, or coin, to gradually rotate the adjustor toward "soft," or "18" on the dial. If there is a hard impact at the end of the stroke, gradually rotate the adjustor toward "hard," or "0". When proper setting is obtained, lock the adjustor screw with the hex key. A properly adjusted shock absorber should show no impact at the beginning of the deceleration stroke and no hard set-down at the end of the stroke. If hard set-down persists after proper adjustment, check to see that external stops are set correctly to keep the shock absorber piston no more than .06" off bottom. NOTE: If the final adjustment is set less than "2," a larger unit should be considered. INSTALLATION TIPS MOUNTING STRUCTURE ENERTROLS shock absorbers should be rigidly bolted to a non-flexing mounting structure. Refer to the "Mounting Strength Required" column in the Energy Capacity table for detailed information. Avoid sideloads of more than 5 and align the centerline of the piston as closely as possible with the impacting object's center of gravity. When more than one ENERTROLS shock absorber is used, balance the load between them as equally as possible. EXTERNAL STOPS Every type of automation equipment requires some form of an external stop for two reasons; (1) to provide a firm work-positioning point and (2) to prevent the shock absorber bottoming out. All shock absorber manufacturers recommend the use of an external stop to prevent damage to their product. An easy and most economical answer is to use the new ENERTROLS Gold Line Primary-Mount Series shock absorbers and equip them with Mounting Stop Collars (MSC ), or Positive Stop Collars (PSC ). These units automatically set the proper clearance when installed and establish a firm work-positioning point. If you are unable to use ENERTROLS MSCs or PSCs then it is recom- mended that you install some type of external stop to prevent the shock absorber piston from bottoming out, or being more than .06" off bottom at the end of its stroke. NOTE: Built-in positive stops are also available for all front and rear Fixed-Flange Mount series. Consult John Henry Foster for information. After making the initial adjustment, gradually increase the impact speed and readjust as necessary. The ENERTROLS shock is properly adjusted when there is no abrupt hesitation at any point in the stroke. E N E R T R O L Enertrols JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 413 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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