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SALD MODEL BORE STROKE (1) MOUNTING STYLE THESE ARE OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR SHOCK Select Select Select Primary One Primary Mounting Fixed Seals Special Stop Soft Sight Positive Retention Proximity Model Bore Stroke Mount Option Flange Oils* Tube** Pad Gauge Stops Kit Switch 1/2-3/4-1-1/8 Bore All Bores SALD 1/2 1 P -MSC F -V -FRFV -T1/4 -SP -SG -PSC -RK -PS-1 ALDA 3/4 2 -SF R -LVO -T1/2 -PSB -PS-2 ALD 1-1/8 3 -RF RF -MVO -T1 -PS-3 ALDS 1-1/2 s 3-1/2 -L RR -HVO -T2 SASL 2-1/4 s 4 -C L -ATF -T3 ASL 3 5 -Z C ASLS 4 6 Z ASLA 6-1/2 MOUNTING USE WITH FIXED 8 THREADS PRIMARY FLANGE 10 ONLY MOUNT ONLY 16 ONLY 1-1/8 2 P -SF -PSC X SILVERLINE MODELS AVAILABLE in 3/4 & 1-1/8 bore sizes and 1" stroke only. s SILVERLINE 1-1/2 & 2-1/4 bore models are special. Consult John Henry Foster Co. for availability. **All standard units are prefilled at factory with ISO 46 AW oil. **Consult John Henry Foster Co. for lengths not shown. How to order GOLD LINE AND SILVERLINE HYDRAULIC SHOCK ABSORBERS Prefix: Model Type SALD Internal accumulator, spring return ALDA Internal accumulator, mechanical return ALDS External accumulator, spring return ALD External accumulator, air or mech. return SASL SILVERLINE, int. accumulator, spring return ASL SILVERLINE, ext. accum., air or mech. return ASLS SILVERLINE, ext. accumulator, spring return ASLA SILVERLINE, int. accum., mechanical return Bore: Size in inches (high pressure tube) Stroke: Length in inches (deceleration stroke) Mounting Style-Fixed Flange F Square Front Fixed Flange R Square Rear Fixed Flange RF Rectangular Front Fixed Flange* RR Rectangular Rear Fixed Flange* L Lug Mount-Fixed Flange C Clevis Mounting Z Blind-end Cylinder Mounting *All 3/4"-bore models have rectangular flanges with both square and rectangular mounting hole patterns P Primary Mounting Style (w/mounting threads only) Primary Mounting Options -MSC Mounting Stop Collar-Primary -SF Square Flange-Primary (Not avail. 1/2 bore) -RF Rectangular Flange-Primary (Not avail. 1-1/8 bore) -L Lug Mount-Primary -C Clevis Mount-Primary -Z Blind-end Air Cylinder Mounting Suffixes: Other Options -V Viton Seals -FRFV Fire Resistant Fluids -LVO Low Viscosity Oil -MVO Medium Viscosity Oil -HVO Heavy Viscosity Oil -ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid -T1/4 Stop Tube, 1/4" long -T1/2 Stop Tube, 1/2" long -T1 Stop Tube, 1" long -T2 Stop Tube, 2" long -T3 Stop Tube, 3" long -SP Soft Pad (Not for use with Stop Collars) -SG Sight Gauge -PSC Positive Stop Collar-Rear Mount Models -PSB Positive Stop Bars-Fixed Front Flange Models -RK Retention Kit -PS-1 MINI (AC-DC) Proximity Switch -PS-2 MICRO (AC-DC) Proximity Switch -PS-3 MICRO (DC) Prox. Switch (Metric-SATURN only) ORDER CODES DEFINED Bore Stroke Mount Part No. Price Bore Stroke Mount Part No. Price 1/2" 1" Primary SALD 1/2 x 1-P $131.14 1-1/8" 2" Primary SALD 1-1/8 x 2-P $390.01 1/2" 2" Primary SALD 1/2 x 2-P $139.82 1-1/8" 4" Primary SALD 1-1/8 x 4-P $423.81 3/4" 1" Primary SALD 3/4 x 1-P $180.43 1-1/8" 6" Primary SALD 1-1/8 x 6-P $482.72 3/4" 2" Primary SALD 3/4 x 2-P $189.11 1-1/2" 2" Fixed Front Flange SALD 1-1/2 x 2-F $633.71 3/4" 3" Primary SALD 3/4 x 3-P $197.79 1-1/2" 2" Fixed Rear Flange SALD 1-1/2 x 2-R $633.71 Enertrols Gold Line Primary Mount Shock Absorbers 1. Select Model Prefix 2. Select Bore size 3. Select Stroke length 4. Select Mounting style 5. Select Flange type (fixed) or Mounting Suffix (primary) 6. Select Option Suffixes EXAMPLE: To specify a self-contained Primary 1-1/8" bore x 2" stroke with an internal accumulator, spring return, square flange and positive stop collar: Order No. = SALD 1-1/8 X 2 P-SF-PSC E N E R T R O L Enertrols JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 409 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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