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The most effective way to stop a moving object When stopping a moving weight or load, hydraulic shock absorbers convert kinetic energy to thermal energy (heat). The optimum operating condition occurs when this energy is dissipated at a nearly constant rate as the load is decelerated to zero velocity in the least distance in the least amount of time with no abrupt force peaks throughout the stroke. We call it controlled linear deceleration. To achieve controlled linear deceleration, the pressure on the piston area must remain as constant as possible throughout the deceleration stroke. Enertrols adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers meter oil through a computer-calculated series of exponentially spaced orifices in a high-pressure inner tube as the piston rod moves through its stroke. The cross-sectional area of all the orifices is selected by rotating an adjustor. As the piston moves through its stroke, its velocity is constantly decreasing, requiring changes in orifice area to maintain constant pressure. This is achieved as the piston closes off each orifice as it travels down the bore to end of stroke. Oil displaced by the piston rod makes room for itself by compressing a closed- cell, sponge-like material in self-contained, internal accumulator models. Displaced oil may also be routed to an external accumulator for cooling if high cycle rates cause excessively high temperatures. Dashpots, snubbers and cylinder cushions have only a single, fixed-area orifice, which is why they cannot dissipate energy at a uniform rate. More efficient Enertrols Gold Line adjustable shock absorbers deliver true linear deceleration over a broad range of speed and weight combinations, compensating for changes in both weight and velocity. They are easily fine-tuned to obtain maximum cycle rates with soft, non-destructive stops every time. INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC SHOCK ABSORBERS Why Enertrols? We firmly believe that all of the products we manufacture and ship are of the highest quality, assuring our customers the utmost in reliability and production uptime. There are five major reasons why Enertrols is your best value on the industrial shock absorber market today: HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN. Enertrols shock absorbers deliver more inch-lbs of capacity per cycle. This often permits you to downsize to a smaller size shock absorber than would be possible with a competitive brand. PRICE AND DELIVERY. Enertrols has the best in the industry. We normally ship from our large inventories to stocking distributors in all major market areas. TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Enertrols has a complete technical support group available to engineering departments and build sources. It will follow your project, from concept through production, with computer-aided application engineering design assistance. Other specialists are available to assist in installation, trouble-shooting and the answering of any questions that may arise. POSITIVE & MOUNTING STOP COLLARS. Enertrols was the first to furnish industry with these time and money savers. They provide precise work-positioning, as an integral part of the shock absorber, while eliminating costly external stops. Their use can mean substantial savings on any applicable mounting installation. FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY. Enertrols Limited Warranty guarantees all Gold Line TM and SILVERLINE TM shock absorbers to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for five (5) years (with the exception of "soft seals"). Increase operating speeds Increase operating loads Increase system performance Increase reliability Reduce stress in equipment Reduce design & fabrication costs Reduce noise levels INCREASE PROFITS! CONTROLLED LINEAR DECELERATION E N E R T R O L Enertrols JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 401 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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