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CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN FEATURES FULL THREADED-BODY SERIES-NON-ADJUSTABLE Hardened steel metering tube has metering holes with knife edges for high flow efficiency Return oil flow passages Closed-cell accumulator sponge is compressed by oil forced through metering holes. It expands to help force oil back into bore as spring returns piston to its original position Versatile full threaded-body can be mounted in any position using furnished jam nut. Screw-on threaded flanges also available. Extra-long rod bearing for maximum life and side load capacity Rod seal and wiper assembly Heavy-duty, high-cycle return spring Built-in Positive Stop for work positioning. Protects shock from bottoming out at end of stroke. Floating, heat-treated piston head with built-in check valve controls flow of oil as shock absorber operates Precision machined surfaces for close-tolerance fits Available with American & metric threads Hardened and ground steel piston rod for maximum strength. Chrome plated for excellent corrosion and wear resistance. GOLD LINE SERIES Hardened button standard on all models. Soft pads for quiet, mar-free operation are available. Corrosion-resistant return springs standard Standard or Viton seals available Extra-large diameter, solid one-piece piston and rod for maximum strength. Rod is heat treated, ground and chrome-plated for excellent corrosion and wear resistance Precision machined shoulders provide exact positioning. This permits rotation of the body for easy access to the side-located adjustor, without changing set-down dimen sion of the installation Adjustor turns through a full 360 degrees, from 'Hard' to 'Soft' and back to 'Hard' in one revolution. More precise adjustment than competitive limited-range designs Versatile Primary-Mount Series can be front or rear mounted, using threads at either end of the heavy-duty steel body. Cast iron high-pressure piston ring seal Easily disassembled for fast field repairs. All component parts and seals are readily available Extra-long rod bearings for maximum life and side load capacity Hardened ball-type check valve for positive sealing Closed-cell accumulator sponge Wrench flats on body for easy installation Plated zinc-chromate finish for good appearance and superior corrosion resistance Precision-machined surfaces and extremely close tolerance fits Strong, heat-treated steel, high-reassure internal metering tubes have knife-edge orifices for high flow efficiency. ENERTROLS patented metering system requires NO readjustment when fluid temperatures change. Enertrols (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 400 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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