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Hydraulic Visual index (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 4 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] ACCUMULATORS PAGE Rexroth 906 Bladder and Diaphragm Styles HYDAC 603 Bladder and Diaphragm Styles Tobul 1138 Piston Style BALL VALVES Apollo-Bronze, Carbon Steel, 27 Stainless Styles HYDAC-High Pressure Carbon Steel 603 CHECK VALVES Deltrol- 379 Carbon & Stainless Steel In-line Prince- 896 In-line Double cylinder lock Pilot operated Rexroth 906 Sandwich style, D03-D05 Pilot operated Counterbalance Sun- 1123 In-line Pilot operated Standard Sandwich style, D03-D05 CLAMPING, HYDRAULIC ENERPAC 397 CLAMPS, HYDRAULIC LINE HYDAC 606 COUPLERS, QUICK DISCONNECTS Foster- 458 Hydraulic, Industrial Interchange EATON Flush Face- 1336 COUPLINGS, SHAFT Magnaloy- 662 Three piece, flexible CYLINDERS PAGE Prince- 896 Agriculture Type Tie-Rod Welded Construction Rexroth- 906 NFPA Tie Rod Style Sheffer- 1017 NFPA Tie-Rod, Heavy & Medium Duty FILTERS Schroeder- 1005 Low, Medium & High Pressure Filters FITTINGS Eaton/Weatherhead- 1153 JIC, 37 Straight Thread O-ring Metric Steel Pipe FLANGES Anchor 26 FLOW CONTROL & NEEDLE VALVES Deltrol- 379 In-line steel & stainless steel Prince- 896 Pressure compensated Rexroth- 906 Sandwich style, D03 & D05 Sun- 1123 In-line Sandwich style, D03 & D05 FLOW DIVIDERS Delta Hydraulics 377 Prince 896 GAUGES, PRESSURE Noshok-Brass, Composite 850 and stainless case Dry and liquid filled (Hydraulic index continued on next page) Page numbers direct you to a detailed index for that manufacturer's section of the catalog.

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