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WORKHOLDING SYSTEM Oil Pressure Oil Vol. Air to Oil Air Consum. Air @75 psi @ 100 psi Per Stroke Pressure per Cycle Operating Oil Air Pressure Air Pressure (cu. in.) Ratio Part No. Price (cfm)* Pressure Connection 2550 3400 8.5 1:34 AHB-34 $1,318.59 2.2 15-115 G1/4" 3450 4600 6.1 1:46 AHB-46 $1,318.59 2.2 15-115 G1/4" 4800 - 4.5 1:64 AHB-66 $1,318.59 2.2 15-75 G1/4" High speed operation Extended service life Constant hydraulic output Large oil delivery per stroke allows quick filling of cylinders for clamping or punching Fiberglass wound air chamber eliminates possibility of rust due to moisture in air system Designed for fully automated production applications Double-acting, high speed operation of air piston Air Hydraulic Boosters Max. Rated Nitrogen Useable Oil Operating Oil. Vol. Precharge Capacity Oil Pres. (psi) Part No. Price (cu. in.) (psi) (cu. in.) Conn. 0-3000 ACM-1A $421.33 .10 * * 1/8" npt 1500-5000 ACL-21A $359.45 .90 1450 53 SAE4 1500-5000 ACL-201A $396.76 7.70 1450 4.51 SAE6 1500-5000 ACL-502A $501.41 20.60 1450 12.0 G 3/8" Ideal for high frequency and rapid discharge applications ACL series are pre-charged to 1450 psi Corrosion resistant bodies on ACL series High energy storage capacity in a compact package SP-621 Screw pump Single speed non-vented, internally sealed screw pump to operate single-acting cylinders. Can be mounted in any position and used to operate a single fixture. The piston is screwed into the pump, forcing the oil in the hydraulic system. Accumulators Pressure Max. Max. Flow Range Pressure Part No. Price Oil Port (cu. in./min.) 435-4350 5000 PRV-3 $384.02 G1/4" 427 75-2000 5000 PRV-4 $384.02 G1/4" 427 These valves regulate system pressure for all subsequent valves, according to the adjusted pressure. Maintains a constant pressure in a secondary circuit. Includes a check valve that prevents pressure drop on secondary side. Pressure Reducing Valves Pressure Max. Max. Flow Range Pressure Part No. Price Oil Port (cu. in./min.) 500-5000 5000 WVP-5 $409.50 SAE4 366 Sequence Valves Max. Useable Ol Volume Max. Handle Oil psi Oil (in.3) Part No. Price Per Stroke Effort Port 3000 6.2 SP-621 $756.21 See note 1 See note 2 1/8" npt Hand Pump Note 1: Handle travel is 2.50 inches; 40 handle rotations displace 6.2 in. 3 of oil. Note 2: Handle effort is 60 ft. lbs. at 3000 psi. Regulate oil flow or system pressure All valves feature NPT or SAE porting to insure against leakage at rated pressure Can easily be installed in any system All valves are painted, coated or plated for corrosion resistance Valve type Max. psi Part No. Price Oil Ports Holding valve, air pilot 3,000 HV-1000A $1,153.88 1/8" npt Holding valve, modular 3,000 MHV-1 $386.75 1/8" npt Pressure limiting valve 3,000 PLV-40013B $235.69 1/8" npt Manual shut-off valve 5,000 V-12 $97.37 SAE #4 Auto-damper valve 10,000 V-10 $132.86 1/2" npt Safety check valve 10,000 V-17 $129.22 3/8" npt Pressure relief valve 10,000 V-152 $272.09 3/8" npt Accessory Valves *One cycle = advance + retract stroke. *Spring loaded E N E R P A C Enerpac JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 395 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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