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The RMC Family Position. Velocity. Pressure. These controllers may be your most productive workers. Put them where the action is! Two to eight axes of synchronized motion. Mix and match feedback devices. Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. High Performance Motion Control. Flexible. Optimized. Delta's many years of experience in servo hydraulic and motor control bring you algorithms that do more than simply work well: they squeeze performance out of your system. PID with extend and retract feed-forwards for both velocity and acceleration. Synchronizing, gearing, camming, superimposed moves. Trapezoidal, S-curve, and spline profiling. Profiles changeable on-the-fly. Teach modes. Pressure/Force Control Option. Transition smoothly between position and pressure while in motion. Get better quality parts from your injection molding machines and presses and get them faster. Control pressure or differential force at 12- or 16-bit resolution. Position/pressure control with just one valve simplifies hydraulics Open Communications. Any PLC. Any Computer. Any System. Control motion and transfer real-time SPC motion data over a distributed fieldbus or use just a few pushbuttons in a standalone application. PROFIBUS-DP (shown) Modbus Plus DeviceNet Ethernet Discrete I/O RS-232/422/485 RMCTools: A powerful control package. RMCTools is a powerful motion control software package for setting up, tuning, troubleshooting, programming and controlling all features of Delta's RMC70 and RMC150 motion controllers. RMCTools offers high-speed communications to the RMC75E and RMC150E via USB and the RMC75S and RMC75P via RS-232 serial. RMCTools is included on a CD with RMC70 and RMC150 motion controllers and is also available for download. Features Full Parameter Set Monitor all axis status registers and modify parameters. Plots Plot any register in the RMC, up to 16 registers per plot, sampled down to the control loop resolution! Event Log Speeds troubleshooting by record events such as parameter changes, commands, errors, and communications! User Programs Easily create programs to issue sequences of commands. Curve Tool Graphically create custom motion profiles and cam profiles. Program Monitor Monitor User Program execution and variables. Wizards Lots of easy-to-use wizards such as Auto-Tuning, New Project, New Controller, Scale & Offset, and programming. Commands Issue commands directly from RMCTools. Use Command Shortcut Sets to quickly issue commands to speed the tuning process. Mathematical Expressions Expressions provide flexible programming capability for advanced calculations and machine control sequences. PreScan Table Use wizards to set up immediate response to internal conditions or external events (discrete I/O, etc.) Graphic display of motion and pressure profiles Window-based, context-sensitive help LCD screen editor Curve tool editor for spline profiling Print graphs or import into Excel Spreadsheet RMC MOTION CONTROLLERS See video at D E L T A C O M P U T E R Delta Computer JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 375 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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