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TRD MANUFACTURING, INC.- 'TR' SERIES TRD's innovative non-rotating rod cylinder utilizes a Triangulated Rod Design to provide precision linear movement and positioning. The triple rod design increases the stability and angular positioning of the tooling plate over competitive non-rotating rod cylinders. 200 PSI pneumatic, optional 400 PSI non-shock hydraulic Extended Heavy-Duty Rod Bearings -Cast Iron material is rated at 150,000 PSI compressive strength. Extended bearing design maximizes load handling abilities without compromising design. Piston Wear Band Standard -PTFE material rated for high loads and non-lube service. Non Lube Service -PTFE coated bushings, Carboxilated Nitrile Seal material, and PTFE based lube provide permanent lubrication for long life. Longer Strokes Available -The heavy-duty design allows for longer strokes. Load and End Play Charts Available Head designed for additional bearing support Precision ground tooling plate included. Mounting dimensions interchangeable with other competitive non-rotating cylinders Universal mount sleeve nut construction Adjustable floating cushion Multiple position cylinders Position sensing devices such as reed, hall effect or proximity switches Low friction seals available Available in stainless steel and electroless nickel Consult John Henry Foster Co. for your special requirements New 'Heavy-Duty' Triple Rod Design TRD's 'TR' Series has been redesigned. The new series, 'TRA' is a Heavy-Duty version of the 'TR' Series. The new series is a drop-in replacement of the previous model. Overall dimensions are not affected. Universal mount, Sleeve Nut design Same overall materials as 'TA' & 'FM' Series Triple-Rod Non-Rotating Series-1-1/2"-8" Bore 'EN-TRA' / 'EN-TRH' Electroless Nickel Plated with Stainless Steel fasteners, Tie-Rods, and Sleeve Nuts 'SS-TRA' / 'SS-TRH' 303/304, or 316 Stainless Steel (Consult JHF for details and delivery) 'MA' Option (Micro-Adjust) Available on all "D1" Double Rod End models. Allows for extended stroke adjustment in .001" increments. (Note: up to 6" strokes) Other Models Available B I M B A Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 333 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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