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Piston Rod Diameter - 5/8" and 1" diameter rods are standard. These rods are made of high strength steel and are suitable for most applications. On long stroke, high thrust applications caution should be exercised and the column strength and stop length chart on page 6.11 should be reviewed. Material - Hard chrome plated rods are supplied as standard on all models except 1-1/2" MRS, which are 303 stainless steel. Special materials such as 303 stainless steel are available on request. Rod End Options - Bimba offers six popular NFPA rod end styles (see page 6.5). Bimba considers the one-piece male style #2, as the primary standard rod end. A small male rod stud, style #2S, is also offered as a standard option. The stud is made from 125,000 P.S.I. min. yield steel and is roll threaded for increased strength. Special rod ends with different thread lengths, pitch and class are available upon request. Cushions - The Double-Wall offers exclusive Stainless- Cushions , type 304 stainless steel sleeves which enhance cushion performance and life. The cushion seal is contained on the piston rod for easy inspection and replacement when necessary. Air cushions may be specified on either or both ends without changing the cylinder's overall length. The cushion design allows for a flush mounted adjust- ment screw even in the fully open setting. Unless otherwise specified, cushioned models are shipped with the adjustment screws located in positions 4 and 8 as shown on the cylinder dimensional drawings. Adjustment screws may be ordered in other than standard positions at no additional charge. Simply add these designations as the last digits of the model number: A2 - Head Adjustment Screw - Position 2 A3 - Head Adjustment Screw - Position 3 A6 - Cap Adjustment Screw - Position 6 A7 - Cap Adjustment Screw - Position 7 A26 - Adjustment Screws - Positions 2 and 6 A37 - Adjustment Screws - Positions 3 and 7 Mountings - Double-Wall cylinders utilize easy to assemble "bolt on" mounting kits. Basic cylinders (less mountings) and mounting kits are ordered and shipped as separate items. All necessary hardware is contained in the kit. The clevis mounting kit for example contains the clevis cap, pivot pin, retaining rings, and mounting cap screws. The clevis and pivot caps are high strength aluminum die castings and have oil-filled bronze bushings. Side and end lug kits contain brackets which are stamped from high strength steel. Flange kits are offered in both steel and aluminum. All mountings are epoxy coated. "Bolt on" Double-Wall mounting kits give your local BIMBA Distributor inventory versatility allowing him to stock Basic cylinders of various popular strokes and bores without committing them exclusively to one mounting style. This means greater "off the shelf" availability for you. Delivery - Ordering standard cylinders with the primary standard style #2 rod end will allow you to take advantage of a substantial local Distributor stock of Double-Wall cylinders. A very large stock of cushioned (both ends) and non-cushioned finished cylinders is always maintained at our Monee, Illinois plant. In addition we maintain a vast inventory of finished heads, caps, rods, etc. for quick assembly of your optional feature or non-standard stroke requirement. Specials - Bimba Manufacturing welcomes the opportunity to custom design a cylinder to meet your exact specifications and requirements. As a leading manufacturer of custom special cylinders, we can provide the engineering expertise to help you with whatever design problem you face. We also maintain a specials department within our manufacturing facilities to assure you of the most expedient delivery possible. Please contact John Henry Foster with details of your special requirement. DOUBLE-WALL CYLINDERS Important Double-Wall Information B I M B A Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 323 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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