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B A R K S D A L E Features Reliable & accurate Ambient compensated NEMA 4, 13 and IP 65 UL, CSA & CE approved Single or dual switching Features Superior resolution Long life Easy setpoint adjustment Ideal for pressure or vacuum applications NEMA 4, IP65 Stripped and housed versions available Model Media Temperature Limit Differential Number Price Description Adjustment Low High (Approx.) Liquid Electrical MT1H-H251-12 $263.00 +50 to +250 -100 +300 1 to 2 Deg. F 10 AMPS@125/250 MT1H-G251-12-RD $335.00 Remote Mount Temperature Switch SPDT 10 AMPS@125/250* MT1H-S251-12 $287.00 Remote Mount Temperature Dual Switch SPDT 10 AMPS@125/250 T2H-H251-12 $403.00 Remote Mount Temperature Dual Switch SPDT 10 AMPS@125/250 T2H-S251-12-A $487.00 Remote Mount Temperature Dual Switch SPDT Armored Cable & Adjustable 10 AMPS@125/250 Remote Mount Temperature Switch Series MT1H, T2H Econ-O-Trol Switch Series E1S, E1H Accuracy (Repeatability) 1% of mid-60% of full range. At constant ambient 0.5% of full scale. (Knob indication is reference only) Switch One (1) SPDT or two (2) independent SPDT circuits Electrical Characteristics All models incorporate Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. and CSA listed single pole double throw snap-action switching elements. Switches may be wired normally open or normally closed. Wetted Parts Copper or 304 stainless steel Electrical Connection Single: 3-Pin terminal strip Dual: 6-Pin terminal strip Electrical Ratings AC value at 75% power factor -10 amps @ 125, 250 volts AC, 3 amps @ 480 volts AC. Automatically reset by snap-action of switch. Enclosure/Housing Watertight and dust-tight indoor and outdoor (NEMA 4)/oil-tight and dust-tight indoor (NEMA 13). * See Product Configurator for additional options. General Specifications* *Manual reset option Adjustable Range Model Decreasing Increasing Process Electrical Number Price Description Min. Max. Min. Max. Connection Connection E1H-H-VAC-FX $311.00 Remote Mount Temperature Switch SPDT .5" HG 29" HG 3.0" HG 30" HG 1 /4" Screw Terminals E1H-H-250-FX $289.00 Remote Mount Temperature Switch SPDT 10 PSI 230 PSI 11 PSI 250 PSI 1 /4" Features Bi-metallic sensor Compact design NEMA 4 & IP65 One piece design 500 PSI Proof Bi-Metallic Switch Series ML1S Model Temperature Temperature Process Electrical Number Price Range Setpoint Connection Connection ML1S-050-I-C $90.00 50F Rising 50F Rising 1 /2" NPT x 1 /2" NPT 18 AWG / 18" LONG STANDARD ML1S-075-I-C $90.00 75F Rising 75F Rising ML1S-125-I-C $90.00 125F Rising 125F Rising ML1S-130-I-C $90.00 130F Rising 130F Rising ML1S-165-I-C $90.00 165F Rising 165F Rising ML1S-235-I-C $90.00 235F Rising 235F Rising ML1S-300-I-C $90.00 300F Rising 300F Rising ML1S-075-D-C $90.00 75F Decreasing 75F Decreasing ML1S-130-D-C $90.00 130F Decreasing 130F Decreasing ML1S-200-D-C $90.00 200F Decreasing 200F Decreasing Barkdale Control Products SWITCHES JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 31 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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