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BIMBA EXTRUDED FLAT LIFT TABLE The Lift Table is an EF1-based, guided cylinder with four shafts for maximum rigidity. It is designed for lifting applications where other non-rotating cylinders cannot handle an overhung load and space is at a premium. Four-shaft support withstands offset loads and moments. Simple, efficient design provides economical alternative to other costly guided actuators. Joins the EF family of products and shares all the same benefits -long service life, low friction operation, fast delivery. Convenient wide tooling mounting surface. Intended for vertical lifting applications and should not be mounted horizontally or with tooling plates facing down. Type Double-Acting EFF - Non-Rotating Lift Table Bore Size 50 - 50mm 80 - 80mm 125 - 125mm Stroke Length 5mm increments to 100mm max Options B - Internal Bumpers E - U.S. Customary (inch)* M - Magnetic Position Sensing V - High Temperature (15F to 225F) *Inch-series only; include "E" option in all model numbers 50mm 80mm 125mm Base $207.40 $310.70 $517.65 Add per 5mm 5.30 5.90 7.20 B 10.15 18.20 26.70 M 14.15 22.35 34.80 V 33.00 52.40 86.50 Max Bore Moment 50mm 45 in-lb 80mm 125 in-lb 125mm 175 in-lb Component Material Cylinder Body PTFE-impregnated hard anodized aluminum Rear Mounting Plate Anodized Aluminum Guide Shafts Hard Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Guide Shaft Bearings Composite Plastic Tooling Plate Anodized Aluminum Piston Rod Stainless Steel Rod Guide Aluminum Alloy Seals Nitrile (Fluoroelastomer optional) Piston Aluminum Alloy EFF - 80 50 - EM Prices How to Order Engineering Specifications Maximum Moment Due to Side or Overhung Load Max Bore Moment 50mm +/-.17 80mm +/-.14 125mm +/-.11 Maximum Moment Due to Side or Overhung Load Materials of Construction B I M B A Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 309 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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