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How to Order OLE - 75 12.12 - 50 BF - T1Y2 FT - Female Rod Threads T - Switch Track (T1, T2, T3, T4 specify track position on body) EE - Extra Rod Extension (x.xx inches) * Longer lead times may apply for brake option. Contact Bimba Technical Support for details. * Adapter D-109957 is required for mounting 17 frame steppers. OPTIONS MOUNTING Blank - Tapped Holes BF - Block Front FM - Foot Mount Q - Reverse parallel motor mount with rear clevis R - Reverse parallel motor mount S - Reverse parallel motor mount with rear pivot T - Trunnion Mount Front Clevis1 Front Pivot1 1 For front clevis or pivot mounting, order kits in accessories section. LEAD (INCHES PER TURN OF SCREW) Model Leads 75 12 1 50 75 150 16 1 25 50 350 20 1 50 100 Lead Value 12 .125 inch 1 16 .16 inch 1 20 .20 inch 1 25 .25 inch 50 .50 inch 75 .75 inch 100 1.0 inch 1 Self locking threads. Backdrive thrust limit exceeds that of the actuator. MODEL OLE BODY SIZE 75 - 75 lbs. thrust - 1.5" dia. 150 - 150 lbs. thrust - 2" dia. 350 - 350 lbs. thrust - 3" dia. STROKE LENGTHS 1 to 18 inches continuous (speed limited) ORIGINAL LINE-ELECTRIC ACTUATORS The model number of all Original Line Electric Actuators consists of alphanumeric clusters designating product type, body size (number designates maximum thrust capacity in pounds), stroke length, lead, mounting style, motor type and configuration, and options. The example below describes OLE-7512.12-50BF-T1Y2, a 75 pound maximum thrust model with 1.5 inch diameter body, 12.12 inch stroke, 0.50 inch lead, block front mount, switch track, 23 frame stepper motor with encoder, and driver. Piston magnets are included. Brakes Motor Size Compatibility Brake Option Nema 17, P1, E1, Y1, Z1 K1* Nema 23, P2, E2, Y2, Z2 K2* Nema 34, P3, E3, Y3, Z3 K3* Motors and Drivers (pick only one option) Motor Size Compatibility 75 150 350 No motor (second digit defines coupler) NA*, NB*, NC* NB, NC, ND NE, NF, NG Stepper P1, P2 P2 P3 Stepper and encoder E1, E2 E2 E3 Stepper and driver Y1, Y2 Y2 Y3 Stepper, encoder, and driver Z1, Z2 Z2 Z3 Incompatible Options - the following options cannot be ordered togethe r Model BF FM T* R S Q Couplers Motors Motor and Encoder Motor and Driver Motor, Encoder, and Driver 75 FM, T* BF, T* FM, BF N, S, Q N, R, Q N, R, S D, E, F, G P3 P3 Y3 Z3 150 FM, T* BF, T* FM, BF N, S, Q N, R, Q N, R, S A, E, F, G P1, P3 E1, E3 Y1, Y3 Z1, Z3 350 FM, T* BF, T* FM, BF N, S, Q N, R, Q N, R, S A, B, C, D P1, P2 E1, E2 Y1, Y2 Z1, Z2 Model K1 K2 K3 75 N_, P2, E2, Y2, Z2 N_, P1, E1, Y1, Z1 N_, P1, P2, E1, E2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2 150 N_, P2, E2, Y2, Z2 N_, P2, E2, Y2, Z2 350 N_, P3, E3, Y3, Z3 N_, P3, E3, Y3, Z3 * Trunnion Coupler Motor Shaft Diameter A 5 mm B 6 mm C 0.25 inch D 8 mm E 12 mm F 0.50 inch G 14 mm H 11 mm For complete technical data, contact JHF and request Catalog OLE-413. Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 295 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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