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B I M B A ULTRAN BAND RODLESS CYLINDERS The Bimba Ultran Band is a mechanically-coupled rodless cylinder, providing overall length savings in excess of 40% vs. traditional cylinders. Specially engineered sealing strip out performs all other band sealing systems on the market. Stainless steel cover strip protects the sealed area and prolongs band life. Bore sizes range from 18mm to 63mm in basic model as well as with additional guiding. All models are switch-ready and come standard with finely adjustable cushioning. Unique five-ported endcaps provide maximum plumbing flexibility. Notes: Must specify port function and location. All models have cushions; include "C" in all part numbers. All models include magnet and are switch-ready; include "M" in all part numbers. For port positioning, use diagram above. *Only available on UB models sized 25mm and larger. Not available on 18mm models, or on UBS, UBM, and UBSM. If a floating mounting bracket is required for these models, contact JHF. For use when a non-parallel or foating interface with the carriage is required to prevent binding between the UB and external guiding systems. Cushions (C) and Magnet (M) are standard and must be included in all model numbers. Port position must be specified on every model number. No additional charge for C, M or port positioning. Fractional strokes are priced to the next standard increment. Basic Model Side Guide How To Order Prices UB - 2512 - 1XCM Model Type UB - Ultran Band UBS - Ultran Band, Side Guide UBM - Ultran Band, Metric UBSM - Ultran Band, Metric, Side Guide Bore Size 18 - 18mm 25 - 25mm 32 - 32mm 40 - 40mm 50 - 50mm 63 - 63mm Options 1 - Single End Porting (RH) (X, Y positions only) 2 - Single End Porting (LH) (X, Y positions only) 3 - Double End Porting (X, Y, or Z positions) F - Floating Mount Bracket* X - Side Front Port Position Y - Side Rear Port Position Z - Bottom Port Position C - Adjustable Cushions M - MRS Position Sensing Stroke Length 1" increments to 120" max. (UB, UBS) 25mm increments to 3000mm max. (UBM, UBSM) Base Model 18mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm UB, UBM $245.35 $269.60 $386.45 $472.30 $601.10 $729.85 UBS, UBSM $363.80 $411.45 $560.55 $685.70 $882.50 $1,132.90 Add per inch of strroke* or per 25mm of stroke $4.65 $5.85 $9.65 $12.90 $14.50 $18.10 Floating Mount Brkt. N/A $45.45 $49.25 $51.25 $79.70 $84.10 Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 275 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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