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ULTRAN SLIDE & ULTRAN-LOW PROFILE SWITCHES Reed Switch GMR (sourcing PNP) GMR (sinking NPN) GMR (auto-configure) Part No. (24" lead) MR MSC MSK MS Price $23.40 $38.40 $47.65 Part No. (144" lead) MRX MSCX MSKX MSX Price $38.05 $52.95 $59.95 Part No. Q (no cable) MRQ MSCQ MSKQ MSQ Price $44.70 $59.70 $64.40 Part No. QC (2 meter mating cable) MRQC MSCQC MSKQC MSQC Price $71.25 $86.30 $90.95 Part No. QCX (5 meter mating cable) MRQCX MSCQCX MSKQCX MSQCX Price $84.50 $99.55 $104.30 Dimensions 8 mm Connector Electrical Circuit Diagram Electrical Specifications 2 Wire 3 Wire 3 Wire Circuit Normally Open Normally Open Sinking (NPN) or Sourcing (PNP) Sourcing (PNP) Sinking (NPN) Sinking (NPN) or Sourcing (PNP) 3 to 120 VAC Input Voltage 3-24 VDC 5-24 VDC Current Rating 25 mA max 50 mA max 25 mA max Contact 3 Watts - Sinking 0.4 Volts max. Voltage Drop 2.3 V 1.5 V 0.5 V Sourcing 1.5 Volts max. Off State Leakage - 10uA max. 10 microamp max. Quiescent Current - 5 mA max. Turn ON/OFF Time 1.0 millisecond 0.10 millisecond Operating Temperature -13 to 185 F -4 to 185 F Enclosure IEC IP 67 LED Indicator Red Yellow Red Over Voltage Protected Reverse Polarity Protected Transient Protected Dimensions Description Part No. Price 2 meter cable C4 $27.55 5 meter cable C4X $41.20 To Order Cable Connectors Separately Bimba Low Profile Switches for Ultran Slides Extremely small The auto-configure GMR switch automatically determines whether the switch has been connected to a current sinking or sourcing load. Solid state reliability Fast response rate LED Q U I C K C O N E C T Note: On Quick Connect reed switch models, connect only the Blue and Brown wires on the mating cable and cut back the Black wire. Do Not connect switch to a mating cable that has been previously wired for a 3 wire solid state switch, as it will short the MRQ switch. Bimba (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 274 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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