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EF-2510-3MMTV The Model Number for all EF1 cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate type, bore size and stroke length, and options. Please refer to the charts below for an example of Model Number EF-2510-3MMTV. This is a 25mm bore, double acting, single end rod cylinder, with metric threads and ports, 10mm of stroke, threaded front/rear mounting holes, magnetic position sensing, male rod end and high temperature option. How to Order EF - Double Acting, Single End Rod EFD - Double Acting, Double End Rod EFS - Single Acting, Spring Retract EFR - Single Acting, Spring Extend TYPE STROKE LENGTH** (Enter in alphabetical order, except EE which is last) See table - next page (Enter in numeric order) MOUNTING OPTIONS No Number - Basic model 1 - Threaded bottom mounting option 3 - Threaded front/rear mounting option 6 - Rear Clevis 6N - Rear Clevis 90 B - Bumpers (see page 14) 1 C - Stainless steel retaining ring E - U.S. customary units (inch) 2 F - Full-flow port orifice 5 M - Magnetic position sensing (see page 14) 3 MT - Male rod end (fine thread) (see page 14) 4 NT - Non-threaded rod V - High temperature option -10C to 110C (15F to 225F) EE - Extra rod extension in 1mm increments 1 Bumpers reduce stroke length. When bumper is specified with option V, standard bumper material is supplied. Operating temperature remains -10 to 70C (15 to 160F). 2 When option E is specified, user interface threads are designated U.S. customary (inch). This includes ports, rod threads and threaded mounting options (as applicable). 3 When magnetic position sensing is specified with option V, operating temperature remains -10 to 70C (15 to 160F). This combination is recommended when fluoroelastomer is specified for compatibility. 4 MT option must be specified to use rod pivot. 5 Automatically includes bumpers, so stroke is reduced by 3mm. BORE SIZE mm (inch) * 12mm - (1/2") 16mm - (5/8") 20mm - (3/4") 25mm - (1") 32mm - (1-1/4") 40mm - (1-1/2") 50mm - (2") 63mm - (2-1/2") 80mm - (3-1/4") 100mm - (4") Please note that throughout all catalog charts, metric measurements are shown first and U.S. customary units (inches) are in parentheses. * NOTE: Numbers in parentheses are the eq. bore size in inches. Listed for reference only. DO NOT use for model designation. ** When stroke length exceeds 30mm, a threaded mounting option should be considered. Mounting bolts that span the entire cylinder length may not be readily available. EF1 CYLINDERS OPTIONS Bimba (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 200 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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