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B I M B A FLAT-II SERIES Flat-II nonrotating, double-acting cylinder provides the answer to applications where rotation cannot be tolerated and space is at a minimum. Nonrotation is achieved with dual piston rods and a rod end block that insures the rods work in tandem. Flat-II eliminates the need for external alignment devices, such as guides, rods and alignment posts or pins. Body - 304 Stainless Steel Heads - Anodized Aluminum Alloy Piston Rod - Ground and Polished 303 Stainless Steel Piston Seals - Buna N (High Temperature Seals Optional) Rod Bushing - Oil Impregnated Bronze Rod Seals - Buna N O-ring (High temperature seals optional) Rod End Block - Anodized Aluminum Alloy Pressure Rating - 200 PSI Maximum (Air only) Temperature Rating - From -20F to +150F Buna N seals with a temperature range of -20F to +150F are standard in all Bimba air cylinders. Fluoroelastomer seals rated for higher temperature applications are available. If cylinders are operated below -0F for extended time periods, special modifications may be required. Special seal materials are available upon request. How to Order The model number for Flat-II consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate type, bore size and stroke length, and mounting and special options. Please refer to the charts below for an example of Model Number FT-040.375-1CE. This is a nonrotating, double-acting, 3/4" bore, 3/8" stroke, pivot mount cylinder with counterbored mounting holes in the rod end block. FT-040.375-1CE TYPE STROKE LENGTH BORE SIZE 04 - 3/4" 09 - 1-1/16" 17 - 1-1/2" 31 - 2" 0.125 - 1/8" 0.25 - 1/4" 0.375 - 3/8" ETC. FT - Nonrotating, Double Acting No Number - Basic model (Standard counterbored mounting holes) 1 - Pivot mount 1N - Pivot mount 90 from standard 2 - Trunnion mount, both ends 2F - Front trunnion mount 2R - Rear trunnion mount 3 - Threaded mounting holes, both ends 3F - Threaded mounting holes, front 3R - Threaded mounting holes, rear 4 - Screw clearance holes, both ends 1 4F - Screw clearance holes, front 1 4R - Screw clearance holes, rear 1 "Screw clearance" to allow bolt head to pass through; no counter bores. MOUNTING OPTIONS CE - Counterbored rod end block G - Magnalube G K - Endblock rotated 90 degrees M, M1, M3, M4 - Magnetic position sensing 1 P3 - Front port position Q - Low temperature option (-40 0 F to 200 0 F) S - Stainless steel fasteners (125 psi maximum pressure rating - air only) T1, T3, T4 - Additional switch mounting post located in position #1, 3 or 4 V - High temperature option (0F to 400 F) Y - Moly-coat (MoS 2 I. D. coating) EE0.375 - 3/8" extra rod extension, etc. EE1 - 1" extra rod extension, etc. OPTIONS (Enter in alphabetical order, except EE which is last) (Enter in numeric order) 1 If magnetic position sensing is specified with option V, standard Buna-N based magnet will be provided. Magnetic position sensing is not reliable above 200 F. Bimba JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 177 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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