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W E A T H E R H E A D Assembly of Barb-Tite push-on hose ends is made easy with this handy tool. Easy and fast operation assures dependable, leak proof assemblies. Simply clamp hose in jaws, place hose end on push rod and pull the handle. Engineered for a lifetime of rugged service. Weight: 1 lb. Capacity: 1/4" to 1/2" I.D. hose only. TUBE PART O.D. THREAD PART O.D. THREAD NO. PRICE (INCHES) SIZE NO. PRICE (INCHES) SIZE T-7002 $359.13 1/8 5/16-24 T-7010 $578.71 5/8 7/8-14 T-7003 $358.96 3/16 3/8-24 T-7012 $826.68 3/4 1-1/16-12 T-7004 $426.76 1/4 7/16-20 T-7016 $732.41 1 1-5/16-12 T-7005 $513.47 5/16 1/2-20 T-7020 $733.47 1-1/4 1-5/8-12 T-7006 $405.67 3/8 9/16-18 T-7024 $933.48 1-1/2 1-7/8-12 T-7008 $414.03 1/2 3/4-16 T-7032 $933.77 2 2-1/2-12 This bench-mounted tool is actually two tools in one. Not only does it assemble Barb-Tite hose ends, it is also a hose cutter. To cut your hose, simply retract the handle, place the hose in the cutter area and pull the handle. After cutting the hose to the desired length, place the hose under the cam handle locking it in place with the hose end aligned with the appropriate mark on the label. Place the barbed end of the fitting against the end of the hose and then pull the handle forward to complete the installation. The T-201 Assembly Tool is an easy-to-use tool that does everything you need to create a hose assembly. NOTE: This tool is designed to cut fiber-reinforced rubber hose only. Capacity: Individual tools for bending eight sizes from 1/8" to 3/4" O.D. tubing. Will bend annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and all soft tubing. Lever Type Tube Benders Each tool bends one size. Openside type. Handy in a tight spot. Makes precision short radius bends up to 180 with minimum effort. Keeps tube round, no marks or scrapes, shows bend degree. Unique extra strong hook grips tubing securely. *Will bend annealed copper and aluminum tubing only A C EQUIPMENT Ermeto Hand Presetting Tools 7000 Series Presetting tools provide a more accurate and positive leakproof method of coupling flareless fittings. Presetting steel Ermeto sleeves on tubing prior to fitting assembly will permit the maximum high performance obtainable with flareless fittings. Due to possible thread galling, the use of presetting tools is required when assembling stainless steel fittings. PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-201 $328.26 Barb-Tite End Assembly Tool T-201B $47.60 Replacement Blade PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-101A $79.45 Barb-Tite End Assembly Tool RADIUS TO PART TUBING NOMINAL CENTER OF WEIGHT NO. PRICE (O.D.) SIZE TUBE EACH TYPE T-373 $199.23 3/16 - 7/16 9 ozs. A T-375 $236.84 5/16 - 11/16 1 lb. 4 ozs. B T-3710 $658.53 5/8 1/2 2-1/4 10 lbs. C T-3712* $675.53 3/4 5/8 3 10 lbs. 8 ozs. C B Weatherhead Eaton Weatherhead hose and fittings JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1347 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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