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COLL-O-CRIMP -COLLETS 'U' SERIES COLLETS For Rubber Hose: H017, H039, H104, H105, H114, H115, H145*, H146, H245, H300, H350*, H425, H545*, H265 # , H275 # , and H285 # *Through size -12 only. # 265 'P' Series ends up to-12 size. PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-400-2C $229.72 Collet-1/4" T-400-3C $240.06 Collet-3/8" T-400-4C $229.72 Collet-1/2" T-400-5C $237.39 Collet-3/4" T-400-6C $248.07 Collet-1" T-400-64C $297.34 Collet-5/8" T-400-12 $381.71 Collet-1-1/4" T-400-67 $1,790.79 Kit includes 1 each of the above FS-1100 $13.22 Label Set/Layout Guide 'E' SERIES COLLETS For Nylon and Teflon Hose: H009, H243, H275, H285, H435 and H436 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-400-113C $247.93 Collet-3/16" (H243 only) T-400-31C $243.74 Collet-1/4" T-400-32C $292.11 Collet-5/16" T-400-33C $292.11 Collet-3/8" T-400-34C $262.90 Collet-1/2" T-400-35C $264.35 Collet-3/4" T-400-36C $262.90 Collet-1" T-400-30 $1,887.73 Kit includes 1 each of the above FS-1200 $8.82 Label Set/Layout Guide 4SP & 6SP SERIES COLLETS Qualified on ET4000 machine only. Requires ET4000AR-002 base asapter ring. For use with T-440 and ET4000 ONLY PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION ET4000DC-4S12 $337.90 Collet-3/4" ET4000DC-4S16 $337.90 Collet-1" ET4000DC-4S20* $377.81 Collet-1-1/4" ET4000DC-4S24* $385.77 Collet-1-1/2" ET4000DC-4S32* $385.77 Collet-2" ET4000DC-6S20* $377.99 Collet-1-1/4" ET4000DC-6S24* $385.77 COLLET-1-1/4" ET4000DC-6S32* $385.77 COLLET-2" T-420-80 430 'U' SERIES NO SKIVE COLLET KIT This kit can be used with the following C-O-C systems. T-420-1 and T-480 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-420-4CN $356.33 Collet-1/2" T-420-5CN $356.33 Collet-3/4" T-420-6CN $356.33 Collet-1 T-420-7CN $356.33 Collet-1-1/4" FS-3100 $10.87 Label Set 430 'U' SERIES NO SKIVE COLLETS NOTE: Above collets to be used on T-440 and ET4000 Presses ONLY. For Hose H14516, H35016, H54516 and 4 Spiral Hoses H430 and H439 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-410-5CN $499.25 Collet-3/4" T-410-6CN $499.25 Collet-1" T-410-7CN $499.25 Collet-1-1/4" T-410-80 $2,995.58 Kit includes 1 each of the above FS-3100 $10.87 Label Set 470 'E' SERIES COLLETS NOTE: Above collets to be used on T-410-1, T440-1, ET4000 Presses ONLY. For 6 Spiral Hose H470 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-470-8C $389.77 Collet-1/2" T-470-12C $403.15 Collet-3/4" T-470-16C $416.88 Collet-1" T-470-20 $577.00 Collet-1-1/4" T-470-24 $584.57 Collet-1-1/2" T-440-32 $960.03 Collet-2" T-410-70 $3,242.92 Kit includes 1 each of the above FS-1800 $14.42 Label Set/Layout Guide 069 'E' SERIES COLLETS For Truck Hose: H069, H166, H169, H229, H366, and H369 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-400-54C $251.99 Collet-3/16" T-400-55C $295.82 Collet-1/4" T-400-56C $251.99 Collet-5/16" T-400-57C $251.99 Collet-13/32" T-400-58C $251.99 Collet-1/2" T-400-59C $251.99 Collet-5/8" T-400-60C $251.99 Collet-7/8" T-400-61C $251.99 Collet-1-1/8" T-400-70 $619.43 Collet-1-3/8" T-400-66 $2,331.73 Kit includes 1 each of the above FS-1500 $12.29 Label Set/Layout Guide 338 'P' SERIES COLLETS For Air Brake Hose: H338 PART NO. PRICE DESCRIPTION T-400-102C $319.77 Collet-3/8" T-400-103C $319.77 Collet-1/2" T-400-104 $639.55 Kit includes 1each of the above FS-2900 $5.39 Label Set SPACER RINGS NOTE: See Hose End and Tool Selector Chart for proper Spacer Ring selection of hose style and size desired. PART NO. PRICE COLOR T-400-10 $86.26 Black T-400-11 $90.49 Silver T-400-37 $106.77 Green T-400-38 $106.77 Red T-400-62 $81.07 Yellow T-400-112 $106.77 Tan Weatherhead Eaton Weatherhead hose and fittings (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 1340 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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