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WeatherTIGHT 4SP/6SP SERIES HOSE ENDS FEATURES BENEFITS Bite the Wire technology Skiving not required, saves time in assembly One-piece nipple design Stronger design, no braze joints One-piece hose end Easier to assemble Stress-relief design Maximizes durability Heavy wall thickness Heavy-duty construction for heavy-duty applications Modern micro-alloy steel Maximizes fatigue life Tapered through-hole Improves flow characteristics Global design Global availability Stenciled socket Hose insertion depth Operating pressure to 6000 psi Perfect for hydrostatic drives and other demanding applications Available in -12, -16, -20, -24 & -32 Multiple configurations and jump sizes to fit a wide array of applications For use with H464, H470, H485 4SP Hose Ends For Use with Hose: H464, H485 (-16 only), H470 (-12 & -16 only)* *H470 with black cover only (2Q 2006) Assembled with: ET4000, T-440-1 (-12 & -16 only) 6SP Hose Ends For Use with Hose: H470 (-20, -24, -32 only)* H485 (-20 & -24 only), *H470 with black cover only (2Q 2006) Assembled with: ET4000 ! WARNING Failure to follow Eaton process and product instructions and limitations could lead to premature hose assembly failures, resulting in property damage, serious injury or death. Eaton Hose End tolerances are engineered to match Weatherhead hose tolerances. The use of Eaton Hose Ends on hose supplied by other manufacturers and/or the use of Weatherhead hose with Hose Ends supplied by other manufacturers, may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended nor authorized by Eaton. Read and understand the operator's manual before attempting to operate any equipment. Eaton hereby disclaims any obligation or liability (including incidental and consequential damages) arising from breach of contract, warranty, or tort (under negligence or strict liability theories) should Weatherhead hose, Eaton Hose Ends or assembly equipment be used with the hose supplied by another manufacturer, or in the event that product instructions for each specified hose assembly are not followed. ! WARNING Eaton manufactures the terminal ends of our Hose Ends to the appropriate requirement established by SAE and other industry standards. It is possible to order a hose end with a terminal end that has a performance rating lower than the hose rating. Failure to consider the terminal end performance could lead to premature hose assembly failures, resulting in property damage, serious injury or death. Flange Insertion Head Length Dia . K Hose A D L Part No. Price in. Size in. Straight split flange - Code 61 (SAE J518) 4SP12W-G12 $53.45 1.50 -12 3.92 2.15 1.77 4SP12W-G16 $64.44 1.75 -12 3.78 2.01 1.77 4SP16W-G16 $58.56 1.75 -16 4.78 2.22 2.56 4SP16W-G20 $90.18 2.00 -16 4.94 2.38 2.56 4SP20W-G20 $81.99 2.00 -20 5.57 2.62 2.95 4SP20W-G24 $85.88 2.38 -20 6.45 3.50 2.95 4SP24W-G24 $102.58 2.38 -24 6.61 3.54 3.07 4SP24W-G32 $131.55 2.81 -24 6.73 3.66 3.07 4SP32W-G32 $227.65 2.81 -32 6.81 3.74 3.07 6SP20W-G20 $97.29 2.00 -20 5.57 2.62 2.95 6SP24W-G24 $157.21 2.38 -24 6.61 3.54 3.07 6SP32W-G32 $144.97 2.81 -32 6.81 3.74 3.07 Straight Split Flange Code 61 4-SPIRAL or 6-SPIRAL and hose size stenciled on socket Bite-the-Wire technology Heavy wall thickness maintained Stress-relief design Tapered through-hole One-piece nipple design Weatherhead W E A T H E R H E A D Eaton Weatherhead hose and fittings JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1297 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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