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VISUAL INDEX BRASS FITTINGS - AIR BRAKE FITTINGS FOR COPPER TUBING DRAINCOCK W15310 pg. 1195 SHUT OFF VALVE W20332 pg. 1196 MALE BRANCH TEE 1372X pg. 1189 MALE RUN TEE 1371X pg. 1189 BULKHEAD COUPLING (BRASS) pg. 1167 UNION TEE 1364X pg. 1186 DRAINCOCK 145 pg. 1193 SLEEVE 1360X pg. 1188 NUT 1361X pg. 1188 MALE CONN 1368X pg. 1189 FEMALE CONN 1366X pg. 1188 UNION 1362X pg. 1188 45 MALE ELBOW 1380X pg. 1189 90 MALE ELBOW 1369X pg. 1189 90 MALE ELBOW LONG 1369X pg. 1189 PIPE FITTINGS CAP 3129X pg. 1164 MALE BRANCH TEE 3600X pg. 1166 STREET TEE 3750X pg. 1167 ELBOW 3500X pg. 1166 REDUCER COUPLING 3300X pg. 1165 CROSS 3950X pg. 1167 TEE 3700X pg. 1167 SLOTTED PLUG 3150X pg. 1164 HEX SOCKET PLUG 3153X pg. 1164 CLOSE NIPPLE 3326X pg. 1166 SQUARE HEAD PLUG 3151X pg. 1164 BULKHEAD COUPLING (BRASS) pg. 1167 HEX HEAD PLUG 3152X pg. 1164 ADAPTER 3200X pg. 1165 BUSHING 3220X pg. 1165 HEX NIPPLE 3325X pg. 1165 COUPLING 3300X pg. 1165 UNION 3250X pg. 1165 45 STREET ELBOW 3350X pg. 1166 STREET ELBOW 3400X pg. 1166 LONG NIPPLE 3327X pg. 1166 DRAINCOCKS AIR VENT pg. 1194 INTERNAL SEAT pg. 1193 AIR TANK DRAIN VALVE pg. 1194 HOSE TO PIPE (STEEL) pg. 1194 PIPE TO HOSE SHUT OFF pg. 1194 INTERNAL SEAT (LONG) pg. 1193 EXTERNAL SEAT pg. 1193 INTERNAL SEAT pg. 1193 ANGLE BIB DRAIN pg. 1194 GASOLINE SHUT OFF WITH SCREEN FILTER pg. 1194 EXTERNAL SEAT pg.1193 INTERNAL SEAT DRAIN VALVE pg. 1193 ANGLE BIB DRAIN pg. 1194 HOSE TO PIPE (STEEL) pg. 1194 Weatherhead W E A T H E R H E A D Eaton Weatherhead hose and fittings JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1157 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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