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High Performance 7000 Series sleeves are of a welded construction which minimizes losses in the magnetic circuit by reducing the possibility of air gaps. They use a wide diameter sleeve tube that maximizes the cross sectional area available for magnetic flux to actuate the plunger. 7000 Series plungers are constructed with precise balance- the return springs and seal disc springs assure that the orifice is securely blocked, while the plunger seal is free to float. This design allows the plunger, when energized, to rise freely to the point of contact with the seal disc before having to overcome the force of system pressure holding the seal on the orifice. Floating plunger seals also provide increased bubbletight cycle life. By design, they compensate for wear, seal swell and misalignment, and are less subject to the impact loads of conventional designs. Modularity The modular architecture is achieved through the use of one common sleeve dimension that permits every pressure vessel to be combined with each integrated coil and coil/enclosure combination. The sleeves are also built with shading rings to allow AC and DC coil compatibility. Modular construction ensures that even unusual configurations can be assembled from stock components. It provides a high degree of "mix-match" flexibility with a minimum number of parts. The product is backed by a 2-year warranty. INTEGRATED COIL DESCRIPTIONS Leaded Terminations: Molded with an internal yoke and 18-inch leads. L111 -Class F, 10 Watt L222 -Class H, 10 Watt L322 -Class H, 22 Watt DIN Terminations: Standard connection per DIN 43650. Available with cable gland, 1/2-inch conduit connectors, and optional junction box for easy installation. D100 - Class F, 10 Watt D200 - Class H, 10 Watt D300 - Class H, 22 Watt DIN Coil Option Code D1: This DIN plug is equipped with a cable gland which acts as a strain relief when tightened. Within the plug are screw terminals to which the control wires are fastened. The plug provides for a ground connection and may be assembled to the valve at 90 intervals. DIN Coil Option Code D2: This DIN plug is identical to the cable gland version except that a 1/2-inch NPT conduit thread replaces the cable gland. It is ideal for attachment of flexible conduit. 1/2-inch Conduit Terminations: Molded with a conduit boss and 18-inch leads. Available for ordinary location and hazardous location requirements. C111 - Class F, 10 Watt Ordinary Location C222 - Class H, 10 Watt Ordinary Location C322 - Class H, 22 Watt Ordinary Location H111 - Class F, 10 Watt Hazardous Location H222 - Class H, 10 Watt Hazardous Location H322 - Class H, 22 Watt Hazardous Location Hazardous Location Coil Approvals for Class I, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Div. I, Groups E, F, G; Class III, Div. I. COIL TEMPERATURE RATINGS Coils are rated by insulation classes that correspond to a maximum allowable coil temperature. The maximum coil tem per a ture is the temperature to which the coil can be exposed without experiencing thermal degradation of the magnet wire in su la tion. These classes and corresponding maximum temperature levels are: Permissible Nominal Temp. by Change Temp. Rise Class of Resistance Above 7F Class Temperature Method (UL) Ambient Temp. F 311F 284F 207F H 356F 320F 243F SKINNER SOLENOID VALVES 7000 SERIES TWO- AND THREE-WAY VALVES Parker skinner valves (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 1110 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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