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ZT + STROKE ZB + STROKE P + STROKE EE NPTF CUSHION ADJ. SCREW LB + STROKE Y F K G BB J BB DD W R E R E MM ROD DIA. K AA B. C. DIA. TIE RODS EXTENDED 1-1/8" - 6" NX - Neither (MXO)* BX - Both (MX1)* RX - Rear (MX2)* FX - Front (MX3)* NX - Neither (MXO)* BX - Both (MX1)* RX - Rear (MX2)* FX - Front (MX3)* TIE RODS EXTENDED 7" - 14" BASIC DOUBLE ROD EXTENSION 7" - 14" BASIC DOUBLE ROD EXTENSION 1-1/8" - 6" Available in all except C and P mounts. *Number in parenthesis ( ) is ANSI Standard No. B93.1-64 Mounting Style Designation. MOUNTING INFORMATION Tie Rod Mount Cylinders are compact space savers for the customer whose overall cylinder envelope dimensions must be held to a minimum. Longer or shorter tie rod extensions are available. HEAD MOUNT Front Head Mount Cylinders have accurately machined pilot diameters for aligning cylinders to the work. On installations where the pilot diameter cannot be used for aligning cylinder to work, or for rear head mount cylinders, we recommend drilling and dowel pinning heads (3/4" maximum drill depth in head) after cylinder is tightened in place to prevent shifting. Head Mount Cylinders should be solidly mounted to a rigid section of the machine with high tensile bolts (socket head types recommended). DOUBLE ROD EXTENSION Double Piston Rod Extension is available in any mounting style except Clevis. Basic dimensions shown here apply to all mounting styles. CUSHION ADJ. SCREW LD + STROKE G K STROKE K F Y MM ROD DIA. P + STROKE ZL + STROKE ZM + 2X STROKE E EE NPTF E RS E R AA B. C. DIA. ZT + STROKE LH + STROKE BB J Y 3/4 W MM DD ROD DIA. CUSHION ADJ. SCREW G ZB + STROKE K P + STROKE EE NPTF K E RS E G K G Y 3/4 STROKE MM ROD DIA. ZM + 2X STROKE CUSHION ADJ. SCREW LD + STROKE K ZL + STROKE P + STROKE EE NPTF A SERIES-TIE ROD AND BASIC DOUBLE ROD MOUNTING S H E F E R Sheffer cylinders JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1073 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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