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3 Piston Rod - Piston rods through 4" diameter have a minimum expected yield of 100,000 psi. They are case hardened to 50 Rockwell C to a depth of .030" for damage resistance. They are then hard chrome plated for wear and corrosion resistance. Larger diameter rods have an expected minimum yield of 50,000 to 60,000 psi depending on diameter and are hard chrome plated. 3A Studded Rod End - offers much longer fatigue life through elimination of thread relief stress concentration point. Standard as Style 2 rod end on all rod sizes through 2-1/2" diameter. Studs are pretorqued and locked in to prevent loosening. They are machined from high tensile steel and the threads rolled. 4 Tube - The steel tube is honed to an 8 to 16 microinch finish for low friction and long seal and piston bearing life. Tube ends are machined on the O. D. concentric with the I. D. They are confined by the close tolerance machining of the head and cap which provides greater hoop strength. 5 Tie Rod Construction - Maximum strength is obtained through a prestressed tie rod assembly. 7 Wrench Flats - Four wrench flats are provided as standard for easy attach- ment. Spanner holes, in lieu of flats, are standard on large diameter rods. 9 Pistons and 18 Piston Seals - All pistons are machined from a fine grain alloy cast iron. They are threaded directly onto the piston rod, torqued, sealed and locked in place with one or more set screws. The special piston seal is an endless glass filled Teflon material with an O-ring expander. One or more (depending on bore size) bronze filled Teflon bearing strips are also employed on this type piston to eliminate metal-to-metal contact. This type piston offers long life, low friction, near zero leakage, and great tolerance for side loading. It can be used success- fully on virtually any application. 11 Cushions - Cushion pistons (11) are tapered to provide gradual deceleration and eliminate shock upon entrance. The Adjusting Screw with fine threads (30, 40) provides a wide range of adjustment. It is interchange- able with the Ball Check (36, 46) permitting field changes of position. Neither the adjusting screw nor ball check plug project beyond the head or cap surface. 16, 22 Static Seals - Pressure activated O-ring seals are used at rod gland and tube ends. Located to eliminate extrusion and to provide positive leak tight seal. 21 Rod Bearing - High load bearing bronze piloted into the head. Located inboard of the seals to insure a well lu- bricated bearing for the fastest cycling applications. It need not be removed for rod seal replacement. 24 Rod Wiper - The polyurethane wiper is designed to wipe off abrasive dust and contaminants on the retract stroke to insure long life for packings, rod bearing, and piston rod. Where the rod will be exposed to gummy materials such as road tar, a metallic rod scraper is available. 25 Rod Seal - The polyurethane rod seal has a unique design which incor- porates the optimum sealing properties of a U configuration with the elastomeric properties of a compression-type seal. The polyurethane material was selected for toughness, abrasion resistance, and the ability to resist extrusion under rough service conditions. 58 Air Bleeds - OPTIONAL - When required, air bleeds are located where they can be employed most successfully - at the tube and head juncture. The straight thread plugs are equipped with metallic O-rings so they can be used repeatedly with a good seal every time. 70 Rod Gland - Easily removable for replacement of rod seal and wiper. In most cases it is not necessary to demount or disassemble the cylinder. Easier to service since on removal of the ductile iron gland, the piston rod remains supported by the separate rod bearing. ROUND, SINGLE PIECE ROD GLAND AND RETAINER USED ON ALL BUT SOME OF THE SMALLER BORE SIZES. CONSULT PAGES ON SPECIFIC MOUNTS. 6A PARTS LIST ITEM QUANTITY NUMBER DESCRIPTION REQUIRED 1 HEAD 1 2 CAP 1 3 PISTON ROD 1 3 A STUD - STYLE II THREAD THRU 2-1/2" ROD DIA. 1 4 TUBE 1 5 TIE ROD 4 6 ROD GLAND RETAINER 1 6 A ROD GLAND AND RETAINER - SINGLE PIECE 1 9 PISTON - SLIPPER SEAL TYPE 1 10 RETAINER SCREW 13 TIE ROD NUT 4 16 TUBE SEAL 2 18 PISTON SEAL - SLIPPER SEAL TYPE 1 18 A EXPANDER - FOR SLIPPER SEAL 1 21 ROD BEARING 1 22 ROD GLAND SEAL 1 24 ROD WIPER 1 25 ROD SEAL 1 29 CUSHION PISTON - FRONT ** 30 CUSHION ADJ. SCREW - FRONT (CROSS SLOT) ** 31 SEAL - CUSHION ADJUSTING AND CUSHION CHECK - FRONT ** 36 CUSHION CHECK BALL - FRONT ** 38 CUSHION CHECK PLUG - FRONT ** 40 CUSHION ADJ. SCREW - REAR (CROSS SLOT) ** 41 SEAL - CUSHION ADJUSTING AND CUSHION CHECK - REAR ** 46 CUSHION CHECK BALL - REAR ** 48 CUSHION CHECK PLUG - REAR ** 57 PISTON BEARING STRIP 1 58 AIR BLEED PLUG ** 66 A BACK-UP WASHER - CUSHION ADJUSTING AND CHECK - FRONT ** 66 B BACK-UP WASHER - CUSHION ADJUSTING AND CHECK - REAR ** 70 ROD GLAND 1 Retainer Screws required varies by bore and mount Recommended Spare Parts **As required; specify if cushioned front, cushioned rear or cushioned both ends. TIE ROD TORQUE IN FOOT POUNDS BORE TORQUE 1-1/8 8 1-1/2 8 2 15 2-1/2 15 3-1/4 30 4 30 5 55 6 60 7 140 8 140 MH SERIES CONSTRUCTION DIMENSIONALLY INTERCHANGEABLE TO MEET ANSI SPECIFICATIONS Sheffer cylinders (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] 1058 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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