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BORE As Required Use Fractions Where Required CYLINDER SERIES HH-Heavy Duty Hydraulic HA-High Pressure Pneumatic to 750 psi MOUNTING Listed Below STROKE As Required Use Fractions Where Required Shown as Gross Stroke Including Dual Piston or Stop Tube Length CUSHION CF-Cushion Front CR-Cushion Rear CC-Cushion both ends MODIFICATION A-Variation in Ports D-Double Rod Extension K-Any variation in Rod from Standard. Any variation from Standard Style 2 Rod End. M-Variation in mounting P-N.P.T. S-Spring Return V-Viton Seals W-Water Fitted Y-Variation in Construction 2-1/2 HH FF 25 CC W MOUNTING STYLES BX -Basic Cylinder-tie rods extended- both ends C -Clevis CL -Center Line Lug EL -End Lug FB -Foot Bracket FF -Front Flange FFX -Front Flange-Extra Size FH -Front Head (16" thru 24" bore sizes) FHF -Front Head Flange FX -Basic cylinder-tie rods extended- front end NX -Basic cylinder-no tie rod extension P -Pivot RF -Rear Flange RFX -Rear Flange-Extra Size RH -Rear Head (16" thru 24" bore sizes) RHF -Rear Head Flange RX -Basic cylinder-tie rods extended- rear end SF -Side flush SL -Side Lug SP -Sub Plate T -Trunnion-between heads TF -Trunnion-front TR -Trunnion-rear 1. Quantity 2. Series 3. Bore 4. Stroke-Gross Stroke always shown in Model Number 5. Dual Piston or Stop Tube when necessary-always give Gross and Net Strokes 6. Mounting Style 6. Cushion (front, rear, both or none) 8. Rod End Style (if other than Style 2 standard) 9. Rod Size (standard, oversize or 2:1) 10. Extra Rod Extension (where required) 11. Port Size (if other than standard) 12. Port Positions other than standard positions 1 and 5. 13. Cushion check, adjusting screw, and bleed positions (when required) if other than standard positions. 14. Medium (air, oil, water or other) 15. Type of fluid 16. Operating Pressure and Maximum Shock Pressure 17. Temperature 18. Double rod extension (when required) 19. XI dimension on all Trunnion (between head) cylinders 20. Delivery required, or scheduling Complete and correct ordering information will eliminate untimely delays. When in doubt always contact John Henry Foster Co. ORDER INFORMATION To insure prompt delivery, please BE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION WHEN ORDERING: HH SERIES-MODEL NUMBER COMPOSITION S H E F E R Sheffer cylinders JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1019 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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