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NOTES: The cross reference information contained in this publication has been compiled from available Schroeder Industries data and can be used to select the proper replacement element. The part numbers shown herein cover elements with Buna N seals only. To substitute Viton for Buna N seals, use the following conversion table: Seal Material Schroeder, PTI, Vickers Pall, Donaldson Fairey/Arlon Hycon Buna N B H A Viton V Z H Add V to end of P/N Note: Parker uses completely different part numbers for elements with Viton seals. The following table identifies the Schroeder S Media which are replacements for the Pall Media designations. Pall Media Schroeder Media Ultipor III Ultipor II Ultipor I Extended Life S1 KP DP UP XP S3 KN DN UN XN S7 KS DS US XS S15 KT DT UT XT SCHROEDER PRICE PALL PARKER HYCON PTI DONALDSON VICKERS FAIREY/ARLON SBF-9800-4Z1B $54.54 HC9800FDP4H 930189 H9800/4-003BN P98-015-GG-B P169445 V6011B1V03 R980-H-0403A SBF-9800-4Z3B $53.30 HC9800FDN4H 930189 H9800/4-005BN P98-015-HG-B P169446 V6001B1V05 R980-H-0406A SBF-9800-4Z10B $53.30 HC9800FDS4H 930190 H9800/4-010BN P98-015-HG-B P169447 V6011B1V10 R980-H-0412A HC9800FDT4H 930191 H9800/4-020BN P98-015-JG-B P169797 V6011B1C20 R980-H-0425A SBF-9800-8Z1B $71.08 HC9800FDP8H 930192 H9800/8-003BN P98-030-GG-B P169448 V6011B2V03 R980-H-0803A SBF-9800-8Z3B $71.08 HC9800FDN8H 930192 H9800/8-005BN P98-030-HG-B P169798 V6011B2V05 R980-H-0806A SBF-9800-8Z10B $68.10 HC9800FDS8H 930193 H9800/8-010BN P98-030-HG-B P169449 V6011B2V10 R980-H-0812A HC9800FDT8H 930194 H9800/8-020BN P98-030-JG-B P169450 V6011B2C20 R980-H-0825A SBF-9800-13Z1B $84.32 HC9800FDP13H P98-050-GG-B P169451 R980-H-1303A SBF-9800-13Z3B $84.32 HC9800FDN13H P98-050-HG-B P169452 R980-H-1306A SBF-9800-13Z10B $79.57 HC9800FDS13H P98-050-HG-B P169453 R980-H-1312A HC9800FDT13H P98-050-JG-B P169454 R980-H-1325A SBF-9021-4Z1B $115.47 HC9021FDP4H 927725 H9021/4-003BH FK-010-GU-B P167180 V3045B1H03 R921-H-0403A SBF-9021-4Z25B $115.54 HC9021FDT4H 927696 H9021/4-020BH FK-010-JU-B P167181 V3045B1H10 R921-H-0415A SBF-9021-8Z3B $142.87 HC9021FDP8H 927723 H9021/8-003BH FK-020-GU-B P167182 V3045B2H03 R921-H-0803A SBF-9021-8Z25B $139.91 HC9021FDT8H 927694 H9021/8-020BH FK-020-JU-B P167183 V3045B2H10 R921-H-0815A SBF-9601-8Z1B $239.81 HC9601FDP8H 927176 H9601/8-003BH HF3-030-GU-B P167185 V6024B2H03 R961-H-0803A SBF-9601-8Z25B $238.34 HC9601FDT8H 927175 H9601/8-020BH HF3-030-JU-B P167186 V6024B2H10 R961-H-0815A SBF-9601-13Z1B $337.53 HC9601FDP13H 927182 H9601/13-003BH HF3-050-GU-B P167411 V6024B4H03 R961-H-1303A SBF-9601-13Z25B $333.07 HC9601FDT13H 927181 H9601/13-020BH HF3-050-JU-B P167412 V6024B4H10 R961-H-1315A SBF-9601-16Z1B $473.69 HC9601FDP16H 928143 H9601/16-003BH HF3-060-GU-B P167187 V6024B5H03 R961-H-1603A SBF-9601-16Z25B $466.30 HC9601FDT16H 928142 H9601/16-020BH HF3-060-JU-B P167188 V6024B5H10 R961-H-1615A SBF-9651-8Z1B $226.89 HC9651FDP8H 928152 H9651/8-003BH P96-030-GU-B P169424 V2054B2H03 R951-H-0803A SBF-9651-8Z25B $223.94 HC9651FDT8H 928150 H9651/8-020BH P96-030-JU-B P169426 V2054B2H10 R951-H-0815A SBF-9651-16Z1B $374.23 HC9651FDP16H 928156 H9651/16-003BH P96-060-GU-B P169425 V2054B5H03 R951-H-1603A SBF-9651-16Z25B $374.23 HC9651FDT16H 928154 H9651/16-020BH P96-060-JU-B P169427 V2054B5H10 R951-H-1615A Contact John Henry Foster Company to find elements other than those listed in the Best Fit Element Crossover Guide BEST FIT ELEMENT CROSSOVER GUIDE (continued) S C H R O E D E R Schroeder Filters hydraulic JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1013 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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