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BEST FIT ELEMENT CROSSOVER GUIDE SCHROEDER PRICE PALL PARKER HYCON PTI DONALDSON VICKERS FAIREY/ARLON SBF-7400-4Z10B $36.43 HC7400SDP4H MFE90-03BN/2 F4F-030-GC-B P167829 R740-H-0403A SBF-7400-4Z10B $36.43 HC7400SDN4H MFE90-05BN/2 F4F-030-HC-B P167829 R740-H-0406A SBF-7400-4Z10B $36.43 HC7400SDS4H MFE90-10BN/2 P167830 R740-H-0412A SBF-7400-4Z10B $36.43 HC7400SDT4H MFE90-20BN/2 F4F-030-JC-B P167830 R740-H-0425A HC7400SDP8H MFE90/1-03BN/2 F4F-040-GC-B P169392 HC7400SDN8H MFE90/1-05BN/2 F4F-040-HC-B P169392 HC7400SDT8H MFE90/1-20BN/2 F4F-040-JC-B P169393 SBF-7500-4Z10B $66.18 HC7500SDP4H MFE160-03BN/2 F4E-050-GC-B P169430 V0211B1V03 R750-H-0403A SBF-7500-4Z10B $66.18 HC7500SDN4H 928766 MFE160-05BN/2 F4E-050-HC-B P167162 V0211B1V05 R750-H-0406A SBF-7500-4Z10B $66.18 HC7500SDS4H 928766 MFE160-10BN/2 P165875 V0211B1V10 R750-H-0412A SBF-7500-4Z10B $66.18 HC7500SDT4H 928767 MFE160-20BN/2 F4E-050-JC-B P165877 V0211B1C20 R750-H-0425A SBF-7500-8Z10B $75.00 HC7500SDP8H MFE160/1-03BN/2 F4E-070-GC-B P167832 V0211B2V03 R750-H-0803A SBF-7500-8Z10B $75.00 HC7500SDN8H 929445 MFE160/1-05BN/2 F4E-070-HC-B P165762 V0211B2V05 R750-H-0806A SBF-7500-8Z10B $75.00 HC7500SDS8H 929445 MFE160/1-10BN/2 P165876 V0211B2V10 R750-H-0812A SBF-7500-8Z10B $75.00 HC7500SDT8H 929446 MFE160/1-20BN/2 F4E-070-JC-B P165878 V0211B2C20 R750-H-0825A HC7500SWT8H F4E-070-EC-B SBF-8300-8Z1V $213.29 HC8300FDP8H 927663 H8300/8-003BN P83-100-GF-B P167834 V0411B2V03 R830-H-0803A SBF-8300-8Z3V $213.29 HC8300FDN8H 927663 H8300/8-005BN P83-100-HF-B P164574 V0411B2V05 R830-H-0806A SBF-8300-8Z10V $197.86 HC8300FDS8H 927661 H8300/8-010BN P83-100-KF-B P164215 V0411B2V10 R830-H-0812A HC8300FDT8H 929099 H8300/8-020BN P83-100-JF-B P164217 V0411B2C20 R830-H-0825A HC8300FWT8H 929102 P83-100-EF-B SBF-8300-16Z1V $227.70 HC8300FDP16H 927668 H8300/16-003BN P83-150-GF-B P167835 V0411B5V03 R830-H-1603A SBF-8300-16Z3V $227.70 HC8300FDN16H 927668 H8300/16-005BN P83-150-HF-B P164576 V0411B5V05 R830-H-1606A SBF-8300-16Z10V $198.81 HC8300FDS16H 927666 H8300/16-010BN P83-150-KF-B P164219 V0411B5V10 R830-H-1612A SBF-8300-16Z25V $215.00 HC8300FDT16H 929105 H8300/16-020BN P83-150-JF-B P164221 V0411B5C20 R830-H-1625A SBF-8300-39Z1V $444.10 HC8300FDP39H 927945 H8300/39-003BN P83-250-GF-B P167836 V0411B8V03 R830-H-3903A SBF-8300-39Z3V $444.10 HC8300FDN39H 927945 H8300/39-005BN P83-250-HF-B P164578 V0411B8V05 R830-H-3906A SBF-8300-39Z10V $387.72 HC8300FDS39H 927946 H8300/39-010BN P83-250-KF-B P164565 V0411B8V10 R830-H-3912A SBF-8300-39Z25V $387.72 HC8300FDT39H 929111 H8300/39-020BN P83-250-JF-B P164567 V0411B8C20 R830-H-3925A 16QPML-Z3V $269.39 HC8310FDP16H DP83-150-GF-B 16QPML-Z5V $246.95 HC8310FDN16H DP83-150-HF-B 16QPML-Z10V $246.95 HC8310FDS16H DP83-150-KF-B 16QPML-Z25V $246.95 HC8310FDT16H DP83-150-JF-B 39QPML-Z3V $526.18 HC8310FDP39H DP83-250-GF-B 39QPML-Z5V $460.22 HC8310FDN39H DP83-250-HF-B 39QPML-Z10V $460.22 HC8310FDS39H DP83-250-KF-B 39QPML-Z25V $420.94 HC8310FDT39H DP83-250-JF-B SBF-8400-8Z1B $218.80 HC8400FDP8H H8400/8-003BN P169437 SBF-8400-8Z3B $218.80 HC8400FDN8H H8400/8-005BN P165140 SBF-8400-16Z1B $257.84 HC8400FDP16H H8400/16-003BN P169438 SBF-8400-16Z3B $257.84 HC8400FDN16H H8400/16-005BN P84-150-HF-B P165142 SBF-8400-26Z1B $454.46 HC8400FDP26H H8400/26-003BN P169439 SBF-8400-26Z3B $454.46 HC8400FDN26H H8400/26-005BN P84-200-HF-B P165144 SBF-8400-39Z1B $411.06 HC8400FDP39H H8400/39-003BN P165146 SBF-8400-39Z3B $396.33 HC8400FDN39H H8400/39-005BN P165140 SBF-8500-8Z3B $210.69 HC8500FDP8H H8500/8-003BN P169440 SBF-8500-8Z5B $202.81 HC8500FDN8H H8500/8-005BN P165158 SBF-8500-8Z10B $193.01 HC8500FDS8H H8500/8-010BN P164917 SBF-8500-8Z25B $187.12 HC8500FDT8H H8500/8-020BN P165164 SBF-8500-26Z3B $514.18 HC8500FDP13H H8500/13-003BN P85-100-GF-B P169491 SBF-8500-26Z5B $514.18 HC8500FDN13H H8500/13-005BN P85-100-HF-B P165160 SBF-8500-13Z10B $228.38 HC8500FDS13H H8500/13-010BN P85-100-KF-B P164919 SBF-8500-13Z25B $218.06 HC8500FDT13H H8500/13-020BN P85-100-JF-B P165166 SBF-8500-13Z3B $260.56 HC8500FDP26H H8500/26-003BN P85-200-GF-B P169442 SBF-8500-13Z5B $233.89 HC8500FDN26H H8500/26-005BN P85-200-HF-B P165162 SBF-8500-26Z10B $486.19 HC8500FDS26H H8500/26-010BN P85-200-KF-B P164921 SBF-8500-26Z25B $486.19 HC8500FDT26H H8500/26-020BN P85-200-JF-B P165168 S C H R O E D E R Schroeder Filters hydraulic JHF Catalog [ Volume 7 ] (314) 427-0600 800-444-0522 (FAX) 314-427-3502 www. j 1011 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice John Henry Foster pneumatic and hydraulic equipment

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